Twinkle Khanna Reveals The One Thing She Will Never Share With Akshay Kumar

In her latest column, Twinkle Khanna talks about the terms and conditions of her 'marital negotiations' with superstar husband Akshay Kumar

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Twinkle Khanna Reveals The One Thing She Will Never Share With Akshay Kumar
Twinkle Khanna has once again managed to charm us with her words and sense of humour. 
In her latest column, Ek Loo Story: Why Romance Stops At Bathroom, she revealed something about her marital life with husband Akshay Kumar

She writes, "In the early years of marital negotiations I had briskly informed the man of the house, ‘Darling, I will share my heart, my body, my life, and though it annoys me, I will even share my food with you, but I will never share my toilet!’"

Isn't that funny? We must say it's a very witty way to promote her husband's movie Toilet: Ek Prem Katha and also give us a sneak peek in to their personal life at the same time.

Akshay Kumar rather had a disappointing yet funny response to Twinkle's column

She adds, "You see, I am a boarding school product who had to live in a dusty dorm with 40 girls, 40 beds and 4 toilets. My fixation with having my own bathroom arose from a rather distressing event. 
On the way to the store, I scroll through news reports and discover that I am not the only one with toilets on my mind. First in line is the Man of the house with his toilet movie where he is struggling to build a lavatory for his wife. I guess his reel wife is probably as fussy about her own bathroom as his real one."

Well, we know who's the fussy one now!
After Mrs Funnbones as her first book and a book of short stories called The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, Twinkle Khanna is all set to release her third book.
Anish Chandy, Head of Business Development at Juggernaut Books confirmed this to a news agency. "A third book by Twinkle Khanna is happening. It will come in November, as she is in the writing process right now."
We can't wait Twinkle!

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