Twitterati Calls Hrithik Roshan INNOCENT, Says Kangana Ranaut HARASSED Him

Hrithik Roshan’s tell-all interview with Arnab Goswami has got him the support of millions out there! We wonder how Kangana Ranaut will react to this...

Almost two years ago, broke the story that exes Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan had slapped legal notices on each other.

Since then, Hrithik – Kangana controversy has been one of the most-talked about spat in recent times.

In an explosive interview with Arnab Goswami yesterday, Hrithik Roshan opened up about minute details of the ongoing fight with Kangana Ranaut. The superstar said that he now feels necessary to speak up on the issue because it has started to affect him.

Hrithik, who is usually calm and composed, was visibly uncomfortable during the interview and confessed that this issue has gone out of hands and he cannot keep mum all the time when someone is maligning him.

After last night’s interview, the internet has reacted positively to Hrithik’s statements. Twitterati has come out in support of the superstar for speaking about the matter with so much dignity and grace, unlike Ms Ranaut. Here’s taking a look at what Twitterati has to say about Hrithik Roshan’s chat with Arnab Goswami about his fight with Kangana Ranaut.

twitterattis call hrithik roshan innocent

Twitterati  Tweet About Hrithik Roshan Being Innocent

twitterattis call hrithik roshan innocent 2
Twitterati  Tweet About Hrithik Roshan Being Innocent

When on the show, Arnab Goswami asked Hrithik Roshan if there was any truth to Kangana Ranaut’s claim that in 2014, he flew out to Paris to propose to her. The Krrish actor responded saying he was never in Paris with the actress and that he had not proposed to her.

Puneer Aggarwal Tweeted: #HrithikSpeaksToArnab Can't believe you gave away your real email id just like that... @iHrithik #IStandWithHrithik

Abdul Rouf Tweeted: Stay strong @iHrithik and more power to you #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

He went on to add, “When I heard that I was pretty relieved because I thought that’s great, because now we have a lie that can be demolished in a second. Then came the photoshopped pictures and I said now we can demolish this in a second. You refute one lie; second lie and people start seeing the truth but no one did.”

Aprdta Tweeted: #HrithikSpeaksToArnab cud feel d pain in his voice. It's difficult to prove d truth too most of d time. Love Hrithik

Gourab Som Tweeted: #HrithikSpeaksToArnab the best way to handel such pressure. . . #respect #HrithikRoshan

So were they dating? Hrithik looked straight into the camera while answering, “There was no relationship. Fact is stranger than fiction.”

Inder J Tweeted: He may be right (or wrong) but he chooses not to blame anyone or defame anyone. Such gentleman he is. Thumbs up!#HrithikSpeaksToArnab

Bhaumik Shahin Tweeted: I saw a Pain, Truth in his Eyes❤ I think the way he respect Kangana in the interview Kangna again fall for him😂 #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

— BHAUMIK SHAH🇮🇳 (@iBhaumiks) October 8, 2017

Dev Praneet Tweeted: Hrithik is 100% Innocent if kangana is right then she must have at least one picture of them together but she doesn't have anything she just framing him I support Hrithik he is real man #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

Prateeka Tweeted: Feminism also means believing that women are just as capable of lying, as men. Unbiased gender equality. #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

The actor also stated that there had never been anything remotely romantic between him and Kangana. 

Manasi Joshi Tweeted: At first I thought Kangana is the victim but after today's interview Hrithik seems convincing as well. Respect to him #hrithikspeakstoarnab

Manisha Mukherjee Tweeted: @iHrithik I wonder how a man can be so humble and graceful in this pathetic situation. #HrithikSpeaksToArnab #WeSupportHrithik

SitanshuLamba Tweeted: Kangana said Hrithik proposed to her in Paris . But he never went to Paris then I guess there’s nothing left to prove #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

Sara Tenduklar Tweeted: We talk about punishing men but what about punishing women who fall so low & harass men to such degree #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

Priya Tweeted: Hrithik face was so sad when he talked about her mails. He is no doubt harassed by her He is innocent for sure #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

Vikash Purohit: Shame on bollywood & some TV anchors who supported lies of kanga w/out any evidence to harass a gentlemen like hritik #HrithikSpeaksToArnab

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