Twitteratis’ Complaint: Ranveer Singh’s Wax Statue Looks Like Shiamak Davar

Ranveer Singh’s wax statue was unveiled in Paris on his 32nd birthday but the response was not what the star expected

Ranveer Singh had spent many hours getting measured so that his wax statue at the Grévin  in Paris will look exactly like him.
And on Thursday, his 32nd birthday, the wax statue was unveiled and soon enough Ranveer Singh became the hot topic of conversation on Twitter.  

ranveer singh wax statue
Ranveer Singh's Wax Statue

While most of our attention was on the actor spending his special day with leading lady Deepika Padukone, we couldn’t help but notice that Ranveer Singh was being trolled on Twitter too.

The wax rendition did not turn out as expected and instead the statue bears a striking resemblance to choreographer Shiamak Davar.
As a result, Ranveer became the butt of jokes on his birthday.

Twitteratis can be very brutal in their criticism and this time the joke was on Ranveer’s wax statue!

One of the users tweeted “Is it #RanveerSingh or Shiamak Davar? Blow ur birthday candle on this @RanveerOfficial.”

Another user tweeted “So nice of them to honor @Shiamakofficial with a wax statue. Much awaited!.”

Apart from being compared to Shiamak Davar, Ranveer was also compared to American comedian Ray Romano.

A user tweeted “What have they done to his face?! He looks like a hybrid between Sriram Nene and Ray Romano!” 

Another twitterati wrote:  “When you say Ranveer Singh but think Shamak Davar.#RanveerSingh #statue #waxstatue (sic).”

We wonder what is Ranveer’s reaction to this?

Thumbnail Image Source: pycker & mazale