Varun Dhawan: Very Recently, My Personal Life Was In A Big Dilemma

Varun Dhawan opens up about the lows of his personal life which he experienced recently. Read on to know more...

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Varun Dhawan: Very Recently, My Personal Life Was In A Big Dilemma

A few months back, news of Varun Dhawan breaking up with his girlfriend, Natasha Dalal, created a lot of buzz. However, inside sources maintained that the two are very much together.

And now while talking about the highs and lows of his personal life to Hindustan Times, Varun has revealed that he has recently faced a lot of dilemma in personal space.

In an interaction with the leading daily, when asked about back-to-back successes, he was quoted saying, “Really? Is this what it looks like: that everything is rosy? Even I’ve had my shares of lows. Very recently, my personal life was in a big dilemma, and I was going through a lot of other issues that took me time to come to terms with. I learned a lesson that life is too short. But, yes, as for hits, I feel blessed and lucky to have worked with the people I’ve worked with.”

We wonder if Varun was hinting towards a rough patch he hit with girlfriend Natasha, due to which news of their differences started doing the rounds.

Varun further added, “It’s very difficult to keep all this going. There’s no time for family or loved ones and that’s worse than anything in the world — to let down my mom or dad, because I can’t give them time; to let down any cousin who’s unwell and I’m not able to see them... that’s way more disheartening than anything else. I just feel that now, I’m not there [for them] anymore. I’m there for the public in a way, and I’m working for them and giving them what they expect. So, being successful is a double-edged sword. It’s not possible to have it all. Aakhir mein kuchh na kuchh toh kam pad hi jaata hai (After all, you do fall short somewhere). No matter how hard I try, I do end up disappointing a lot of people and I know I have to live with that.”

Well, Varun did speak a lot about his personal life, but the actor shared his views on the sequel of his debut film, Student Of The Year too. He said, “It feels great. I think for almost five years in my career, I was only in college and people literally thought, ‘Arrey yaar, yeh to student hi hai (Oh man, he’s always a student).’ Finally, now that Tiger is doing the role, people will think that I’ve graduated! But yeah, SOTY is always going to be known by [the names of] Karan Johar and the three actors he launched. As a franchise, I’m glad it’s moving forward.”

Coming to the Dilemma which the actor faced recently, well, we hope Varun is out of it now.

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