Sanjay Dutt turned 57 today and it looks like the actor wants to turn over a new leaf. At a press conference held at his residence a few hours ago, Sanjay strongly refuted rumours of a rift between him and Salman Khan.

When asked if Sallu had wished him, Sanjay said, “Salman did call me (to wish).” He added: “Salman is my younger brother -- he has always been and he will always be. God has given him everything -- he has got great success and all his cases are over. I request the media to not make it (the rift) an issue. He is busy and so am I. So, we can’t meet every day. It’s not like we used to meet daily earlier. Recently, we met in Madrid (during IIFA), but nobody wrote about that. Which fight are you guys talking about? Who fights with a kid brother? So, there’s nothing like that, I love him.”

Well, we completely understand that you want to let bygones be bygones. For those who have come in late, was the first to tell about the reason behind their cold war -- Reshma Shetty 
(Salman-Sanjay fight over a woman!, May 25)

Turns out, when Sanju was out on parole in December 2014, he was advised by Sallu to hire Ms Shetty (who is Salman’s manager). The Kick actor’s reason was simple – you’ll soon be released from jail and you will need a manager to handle your work, be it getting you movies or building your image.

Sanju took Salman’s word and Reshma Shetty was brought on board. However, even after many months of waiting, the actor did not land a single project.

When Sanjay made enquiries, he found that Reshma and her team had hiked his price to such an extent that producers, who were keen on casting him in their ventures, were considering other alternatives.

A furious Sanjay decided to step in and confronted Reshma about this, post which the two parted ways professionally. But in the bargain, Sanjay ended up rubbing Salman the wrong way.

Well, now that Sanjay has hinted a patch-up, will Salman speak up? Watch this space.

Image Source: Manav Manglani, grabhouse & Indiaforum

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