VIDEO:‘What A Guy!’ Virat Kohli’s Reaction On Seeing His Wedding Banner During A Match Is PRICELESS!

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot on December 11, 2017 and seems like congratulatory messages haven’t stopped pouring in for the couple...

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding was one of the hot topic of discussion in 2017 and it seems like congratulatory messages are still pouring in for Virat! Why we say so?

Well, it so happened that during the ODI match, last evening, where India was playing against South Africa, a fan showed Virat his wedding banner with Anushka when the Indian Captain was fielding at the boundary, close to the stands While Virat was totally concentrating on the game, a fan tried to pull his attention towards the banner. Virat quickly acknowledged the fan’s gesture and thanked him for it. Watch the video below:

As Anushka had rightly said, ‘What a guy!’

A few weeks back, Kohli had created buzz on social media when he kissed his engagement ring after he hit a century. After hitting a boundary to get to the landmark, Virat took off his glove and pulled out his wedding ring that he wears on a chain around his neck while on field, and kissed it, thus dedicating his performance to wife Anushka Sharma. The cameras were quick to capture the gesture and flashed it on TV screens. Goes without saying, netizens went gaga over the awwww-dorable moment.

The power couple got hitched in Tuscany on December 11. was the one who broke the news of their Italy wedding.

Coming to the latest video, well, Anushka and Virat just don’t stop impressing us with their adorable acts of love for each other. And we must say, our Captain surely knows how to multitask, after all, keeping fans happy while on field is not an easy task!


 Image Source: instagram/@jugheadjasoos