Vivek Agnihotri REACTS To Netizen Who Calls Him 'Hypocrite' For Taking A Dig At Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone’s Besharam Rang

Vivek Agnihotri replies to a netizen who reminds him of his ‘erotica’ film Hate Story after he took a jibe at Pathaan's song Besharam Rang

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Vivek Agnihotri REACTS To Netizen Who Calls Him 'Hypocrite' For Taking A Dig At Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone’s Besharam Rang
Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri recently took a nasty dig at Pathaan’s song ‘Besharam Rang’ on social media. He shared a video criticizing the skin show and sensationalism shown in Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s peppy number. Now, Vivek is receiving severe backlash from netizens who called him a ‘hypocrite’ and reminded him about his film Hate Story. Agnihotri was quick to take note of it and shut down the user with his reply.

A Twitter user named Mohammad Zubair shared an old interview video of The Kashmir Files director from the promotions of his film 'Hate Story.' In the clip, Vivek could be heard saying that an artiste cannot be called a complete artist if he has not done erotica. He also spoke about celebrating women's bodies and called it an art form. While tagging the filmmaker, the user asked Agnihotri to reflect back on his old statements and even put a disclaimer on the video saying hypocrites should not watch it. The tweet was captioned, “Hello @vivekagnihotriRemember? Warning: Don’t watch it if you are a hypocrite.” ALSO READ: Vivek Agnihotri Breaks Silence On Getting TROLLED Over His 'Eating Beef' Comment, ‘They Have Edited The Sound From Video’- Read To Know More

Replying to him, Vivek Agnihotri tweeted, “Problem with you @zoo_bear is that your faith doesn’t allow you to change at all. I come from an ever-changing, ever evolving, progressive faith so once I realised what was wrong with Bollywood, I changed. ‘Sar tan se juda’ like you won’t understand. #NupurSharma.”

Yesterday, the filmmaker posted a video on his Twitter that showed a young girl performing a skit as she talked about after-effects of seeing such provocative content on the screen and urged makers to make 'clean' content that can be watched with the family. The clips of the Pathaan song played on a split screen while she explained on how a young girl is abused in the world of Entertainment.

Vivek has been taking jibes at ‘Pathaan’ since its song was released on social media. Earlier, when Besharam Rang was dropped online, Agnihotri took a dig at the song tweeting, “First Insta reels used to look like bad copies of Bollywood songs. Now Bollywood songs look like bad copies of Insta reels.”