WATCH: Smriti Irani Leaves Karan Johar Speechless; Says, ‘Filmmakers Create Controversies To Grab Attention’

At the inaugural ceremony of FICCI Frames 2018, Karan Johar and Smriti Irani engaged in a question and answer session, where Karan Johar was at a loss of words, courtesy the I&B Minister...

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WATCH: Smriti Irani Leaves Karan Johar Speechless; Says, ‘Filmmakers Create Controversies To Grab Attention’

 Smriti Irani and Karan Johar were at the inaugural ceremony of FICCI frames, 2018. The two celebrities indulged in a question and answer session where the I&B minister and actor, Smriti Irani left Karan Johar speechless at a lot of instance.

During their conversation, Karan passed a comment that the film industry, which is otherwise considered as a soft power, becomes “a soft target” at times. Smriti instantly gave a befitting reply and said, “My issue is this. Now that you recognise me as an insider, honestly put your hand to your heart and tell me, how many of us manufacture that outrage because we don’t have a film which is that good but we know we will get the eyeballs,”

karan johar
Karan Johar

She continued, “We are all in the business of it, it’s the best-kept secret which is just out there. Nobody wants to talk about it.” To which, Johar replied, “Okay, we won’t get into that!” To that Irani quipped, “Of course you won’t!” (WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE)

Not just this, when Karan Johar said that a lot of times the industry takes their woes and troubles to the Government, (as she belongs to the industry too), does she feel that something needs to be changed at the fraternity’s level too?

Smriti again had a hard-hitting reply to it which left KJo gobsmacked. She said, “We need to stop saying that we have woes because we are not becharas...”

smriti irani
Smriti Irani

Just then KJO interrupted and said, “No, we like to project ourselves as that to get the job done.”

She continued to complete her point and said, “We have an economic contribution of 1, 30,000 crore in this economy and we need to be very very proud about it. How many filmmakers talk about their domestic market potential and numbers every given opportunity. We are not only about naach gana and somebody crying or some romantic song- we bring this much money and food to the table of 3.6 million Indians- that’s our contribution.”

Well, we don’t blame Kjo for being at a loss of words. After all, Smriti Irani did have some valid and strong points to make.

Image Source: Manav Manglani/Youtube