WHAT A SHAME! Shraddha Kapoor Trolled For Urging People To Not Buy Crackers

Netizens can troll any celebrity for anything. Yesterday, the actress tweeted to her followers to not buy crackers and guess what, she got trolled....

Baaghi actress Shraddha Kapoor yesterday put out a tweet where she asked the netizens to not buy crackers.

She posted the tweet with the caption, “Diwali is coming-the Festival of Lights..not of noise & air pollution. Help keep the air clean & be sensitive to the animals on the streets (sic).”

Little did the actress know that she would face a backlash for an innocent statement she made. No sooner than she posted the message, Twitterati trolled the actress mercilessly.

According to this netizen, crackers should be saved for Shraddha Kapoor's film.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", read another tweet.

This netizen gave a religious take to the controversy.

Here's another one.

This user said Shraddha is a hypocrite.

Another user showcased the hypocrisy of the stars.

This netizen asked Shraddha to not use an air-conditioner in her house.

Last week, Esha Gupta was trolled for tweeting about Air Force Day. Esha tweeted: “Proud to be an airforce officers daughter.the real heroes are off the screen #AirForceDay salute to all protecting our nation(sic).” A lot of her fans appreciated her for the tweet, but a few of them filled her timeline with nasty comments and said that being a daughter of an Army officer she should be ashamed for putting out bold pictures.

Generally, the actress does not pay a heed to the trolls but this time she gave them a befitting reply. She wrote back: “Shit buddy, did not realise m the reason why we need our soldiers.dude? Your statement just opened my eyes..m awakened (sic).”
Coming back to the nasty trolls for Shraddha Kapoor, we wonder what’s wrong with them. We all need a smoke free and a safe Diwali.


Image Source: instagram/shraddhkaporfans