When Kajol Shared Details From Her Childhood And Parents' Divorce-WATCH Throwback Video

A throwback video from Kajol’s 1999 interview with Karan Thapar has been going viral.

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When Kajol Shared Details From Her Childhood And Parents' Divorce-WATCH Throwback Video
Kajol is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood, and owing to her unique personality, she does not waste time mincing words. The actress has been extremely vocal about her journey in showbiz - from the 1990s to establishing herself as one of the most prominent individuals in the Hindi film industry. She is known for being forthright and overtly blunt to a fault, which has landed her in trouble too on several occasions.

Now, a throwback video from her 1999 interview with Karan Thapar, has been going viral and Kajol remained thoroughly unapologetic and unabashed about her frank self in it.

The video also featured her pointing out that she knows her own mind, and is independent.

During her interaction, Kajol was told that the male audience doesn’t fantasise about a married woman. Kajol laughed and said, “I am very happy about that. I have never, and will never, go according to what anyone else says what I should do. I wanted to get married, and I did. I am independent, if it means knowing my own mind.”

She further revealed that her mother Tanuja told her on her 13th birthday that she would never raise her hand on her, but she would if she had to correct her. “I will never raise a hand on you again, but if I have to correct you, I will. But I will never make you feel like a child, today you are a teen and an adult. And from that day onwards, I took responsibility for my own actions,” Kajol said in the throwback video.

She also detailed her parents' divorce and pointed out that she was loved but not spoiled and that her mother was very strict. Kajol revealed that her mother had beaten her up with a badminton racket, dishes and quite a few things were thrown at her.

Kajol added, “If I had a conscious memory, they had already split. They were two different people. I could never play one up against the other. They had taken the very firm stance, my mother was the disciplinarian, and my father never interfered with that. He always stood by my mom and said, whatever she says, is the right thing for you to do, and I’m not going to argue.”

She added that coming from a broken family, home did not have a traumatic effect on her. It just made her realise that parents are individuals.

When asked if this experience would have made her grow up faster emotionally, she said, “I don’t think the break-up made me grow up much faster than joining films did. When I joined films, I seem to mature at a pace… It was an extremely rapid growth. In eight years, I feel today, at the age of 24, I feel much older than a 24-year-old.”

Kajol was last seen in Tribhanga with Mithila Palkar.

Image Source: Instagram/kajol