Uday Chopra recounted an incident from a Diwali party that took place years ago at Chopra house. After a long night of attending to guests, the actor went back to his room to sleep. Once there, he found a woman lying on his bed. When he raised an alarm, he was informed that the woman in question was Farah Khan. But wait. Was that Farah Khan lying on his bed?

Uday and Farah had a hilarious banter about it on social media, who was interrupted by Abhishek Bachchan.

Taking it to social media Uday Chopra tweeted, “The first time I encountered @TheFarahKhan was at a Diwali party. I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed and when I went to my room she was sleeping there. I ran downstairs and said there’s a girl in my bed and everyone said ya that’s Farah. Love u farah even though u stole my bed!”

Farah replied to Uday’s quote saying, “Udayyyyy.. that was Meenakshi sheshadri😂i went to sleep in Adi’s room.. n i Lov u too..

Jr. Bachchan interrupted and wrote "Typical Uday."

Uday continued his story,“Ya it was Adi’s bed but Adi and I were in one room. We were kids didn’t have separate rooms back then”

Farah answered, “Ohhhhh then I don’t know who scared u more.. me or Meenakshi?😂Dont answer pls”

So was it Farah or Meenakshi? Well, only Uday and Farah know better.
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