Whom Should Priyanka Chopra Marry? Mom Madhu Chopra Reveals!

Priyanka Chopra is happily single at present but mom, Dr Madhu Chopra, knows exactly the man she should marry. And she has exclusively told SpotboyE.com. Read on...
Priyanka Chopra is living a charmed life these days. She is currently slaying the red carpets in Paris but there is not a man in sight.
The Fashion star is believed to be single. 

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At 34 and supremely successful, is Priyanka looking to tie the knot?

We took the opportunity to talk about this to her mother, Dr Madhu Chopra, last evening when we caught up with the lady in her Juhu office, Purple Pebble Productions. 

"I hope she gets married," said Mrs Chopra.

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To whom? "I hope she finds someone who values her. My daughter has put in so much effort and hard work to get where she has. I won’t advice her to throw it away on someone jo uski kadr na kare. That will be the real man for her."

And then, Mrs Chopra quickly added,  “Think of it, I don’t think she is losing out on anything by not getting married.”

Indeed, she is not. And Madhu Chopra is obviously not the kind of mother who pesters her daughter to tie the knot.
Atta girl! Atta Mom!

Watch this space for more startling revelations. As we said, the lady was in a very candid mood yesterday and mind you, we will bring it all to you very soon.

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