You Shamed A Breast-Feeding Mother Of An Infant: Swara Bhasker CALLS OUT Food Blogger’s Body-Shaming Post

Swara Bhasker gets involved in an argument with a flood blogger and claims she made a body-shaming social media post, take a look at their war of words!

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You Shamed A Breast-Feeding Mother Of An Infant: Swara Bhasker CALLS OUT Food Blogger’s Body-Shaming Post
Swara Bhasker, known for her outspoken nature, recently found herself embroiled in a social media controversy when a food blogger made a derogatory comment about her body. The blogger posted two pictures of Swara, one from a few years ago and another recent one, with a caption that insensitively asked, "What did she eat?" Swara promptly responded, defending herself by stating that she had recently given birth and advised the blogger to be more considerate. ALSO READ: Aagey Ki Zimmedaari Bhi Lo: Swara Bhasker MOCKS Jains Who Dressed Up As Muslims To Rescue Goats On Bakri Eid 

In a heartening show of solidarity, Swara's fans rallied behind her and condemned the blogger for body shaming the actor. They expressed their disapproval in the comments section, with some even unfollowing and blocking the blogger. The incident shed light on the harmful impact of body shaming and the importance of supporting and respecting women. ALSO READ: Swara Bhasker REACTS To Kangana Ranaut’s Slap Incident, Says ‘Any Reasonable Person Will Say Whatever Happened With Her Was Wrong’  

The food blogger, Nalini, later revealed that the disagreement stemmed from Swara dismissing her vegetarian lifestyle in a previous tweet. Nalini accused Swara of turning a harmless post about vegetarianism into a communal issue. She defended her right to promote vegetarianism while acknowledging Swara's choices but urged her to be mindful of her influence and the potential consequences of her comments.

Swara responded by addressing the underlying issue, pointing out that the blogger had chosen to shame a breastfeeding mother instead of engaging in a constructive conversation about vegetarianism. This exchange reignited their past conflicts, as Swara had previously criticized Nalini's "proud to be a vegetarian" post for its smug self-righteousness.

The controversy shed light on broader issues such as body shaming, dietary choices, and the responsibility that comes with wielding influence on social media. Swara Bhasker's personal journey as a new mother was also brought into focus, highlighting the challenges and expectations faced by women in the public eye.

Swara Bhasker's resilience and refusal to be silenced have resonated with her supporters, who continue to stand by her. Her willingness to engage in meaningful dialogue while standing up for herself and others serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking out against injustice and promoting empathy and understanding.

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