Badhaai Ho, Movie Review: This Basic Urge Of Sex Does Not Go Beyond The Trailer

Could have been better, a lot better. Could have been interesting if I hadn't seen the trailer. Have you? Don't, if you are planning to watch the movie. Else you would only tell yourself Badhaai Ho, I knew what was going to happen, I knew what was going to be said next

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Badhaai Ho, Movie Review: This Basic Urge Of Sex Does Not Go Beyond The Trailer
Badhai Ho Movie Review

Why can't middle-aged couples have and enjoy sex? Why assume that the sex life of couples ends when their kids grow up? Why can't a couple have a baby if they are in their late 40s? Frankly, we don't think that. In fact, most of us don't. But maybe Badhaai Ho director Amit Sharma (who earlier helmed Tevar)  is one of the minority who does, and so weaves his thoughts into a screenplay which is as slow as a snail if not more, but interspersed with situations/dialogues that make you grin--- but God, you have seen them all in the trailer. Yes, ALL the funny moments were let out in the trailer itself and besides that, you have nothing in those 2hr 15min to make you laugh-  think of it, isn't that what you are going to buy your ticket for when it comes to this offering from Priti Shahani of Junglee Pictures. 

Ms Shahani, I read that Amit Sharma came to you and somehow you both were working on slightly similar films then, and you decided to go with his- which was flowing in his veins owing to Shantanu Srivastava and Akshat Ghildial's pens. Ms Shahani, I know you and hence I know you have a superb creative sense (Raazi, a classic case in point). I strongly feel you should have gone with your idea. Also how I wish that the original choices Tabu and Irrfan Khan had done the roles essayed by Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao. No, I am not saying that Neena and Gajraj are not convincing, in fact they are excellent...lekin Tabu aur Khan  se baat hi kuch aur hoti

A Still From Badhai Ho
A Still From Badhaai Ho

Now, let me say what ails the film. Ayushmann (Nakul Kaushik) portrays the most unconvincing character of his life (not taking away any brownie points from his acting skills), abhoring his parents to have got in the family way when he is fully grown-up (but irrational!). And then just one scene with his lover Sanya Malhotra (she is good) and her mom Sheebha Chaddha (she is very good) not just drills sense into his head but also turns him into doing some unnecessary herogiri! Consequently, or should I say collateral gain- not only his but even his younger brother's entire embarrassment and fury dissolves, faster than salt does in water.  Raise your eyebrows, Sanya's gyan to Ayushmann that life does not end at 40 had fallen on deaf ears until then!

Surekha Sikri steals the show, is miles ahead of one and all- but even her resentment for Mr and Mrs Kaushik- her son and daughter-in-law- vanishes in just one scene at a relative's wedding! Badhaai Ho!!

A Still Of Sanya Malhotra From Badhai Ho
A Still Of Sanya Malhotra From Badhaai Ho

Whether it's a boy or girl who comes into the world of Badhaai Ho, err the Kaushiks as they announce themselves at the back of their red car, is as easy to guess as the fact that the temperature will rise in October in Mumbai--- and what is not easy to guess is that why was the trailer a complete expose to the film. Surely, it would have been more enjoyable then. Sorry to have lamented over the tell-all trailer again.

The music by Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli and JAM8 is whatever. Tracks like Badhaiyaan Tenu, Naina Na Jodeen and Sajan Bade Senti fit the mood perfectly- but what lies beyond those three words is just  'yaad nahi rahega'.

Amit Sharma has done a decent job in his second outing, but will still need a third to redeem himself from his first. See it if you want. You won't complain but you might have questions to ask. And, discussion is always good. But hey, trailer to nahin dekha hai na (pardon me for the 3rd time mention)? I am going with TWO-and-HALF.