Ganapath Film REVIEW: Tiger Shroff Tries To Save This Phu-turistic Movie With His Fighting, Dancing; Fails Miserably!

Directed and written by Vikas Bhal, Ganapath stars Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, Elli AvRam, Amitabh Bachchan, Rahman, and others

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Ganapath Film REVIEW: Tiger Shroff Tries To Save This Phu-turistic Movie With His Fighting, Dancing; Fails Miserably!
Tiger Shroff has always tried to materialize on the long-celebrated idea of a ‘hero’ coming to the commoners' rescue. But, he has always failed miserably! Instead of a storyline, good dialogues, or a basic sense of physics, you would always find Jr Shroff fighting, dancing, and mouthing the worst dialogues with no facial expressions and this has always been the foundation of his films. 

Well, Tiger might be good at fighting and dancing, but are these two factors enough to make him an actor? (I’ll let you answer that question.) Ong Bak franchise star Tony Jaa capitalized on the same idea and guess what he does it way better on screen, just because of his film’s plot. ALSO READ | Ganapath Star Tiger Shroff Seeks Blessings At Mumbai's Siddhivinayak Temple After Release of His Film With Kriti Sanon, Amitabh Bachchan

It’s sad to see such a high budget being wasted upon an outcome that has no sense whatsoever. The so-called plot in ‘Ganapath’ does include one set piece after another, with everything else, and everyone else biding their time for their bit. 

This Mad Max-inspired world-setting is all about drones, shabby VFX, and a mechanical panther which merely appears in just two scenes. (Honestly, I was excited to watch that poorly visualized mechanical panther make an appearance on screen. Dang it! It’s so frustrating.) What’s more, the film keeps transitioning between ‘Silver City’ and ‘Gareebon ki Basti'. (It’s disheartening how repetitive, mediocre, and cliché, it all sounds.) 

As obvious as it could be, the fighting-dancing tiger has a coming-of-age track, as he has no idea of who he really is, and his journey, which includes fast cars, slick girls, and a couple of smirking mentors (Jameel Khan and Girish Kulkarni), takes him to a vast, arid landscape where he meets a mysterious guru (Rahman) and a kohl-eyed girl (Sanon) who can keep up her end in a fight. 

Wait, there’s more! Our hero also has a backstory, where Ganapath’s sage grandpa (Amitabh Bachchan) prophesizes about a saviour who will come to save his people from perdition. The film also has a blue-eyed villain (Bakri) who’s always dressed in black. 

What’s surprising is just how disappointing this film has been, with practically no future in its nearly two-and-a-half-hour run-time. Directed by Vikas Bhal, the film features a fighting-dancing Tiger trying to woo girls in an alleged orgy, trying to flaunt his bare upper body, working hard both in the ring and on the dance floor. The director relentlessly rinses and repeats the exact same format over and over again. 

Heavy on repetitive dialogues like ‘Apunko jab daar lagta hain na tab apun aur peeta hain’ the film just manages to get on nerves with its language. What’s more hilarious is John The Englishman’s voice! 

Unfortunately, its not just Tiger Shroff, or Vikas Bhal who are to be blamed here, let’s credit Kriti Sanon as well. This film might surely bring down her career trajectory owing to her performance, and it’s just inevitable. ALSO READ | Ganapath Song ‘Sara Zamana’ Teaser: Tiger Shroff Grooves On To Party Anthem Of The Year, Netizens Go Gaga Over His Dance Moves - WATCH

In conclusion, the film does more damage to the crew than one could ever imagine. While one might only blame the plot or scripting for its downfall, the songs also do not match up to the film’s setting and every single minute feels unnecessarily dragged. Tiger Shroff did try to salvage this film with his dance but, even the songs ruined it.

All that can be said is, watch at your own risk!

Ratings 2/5

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