Movie Review, October: The Beauty Of Silence

Shoojit Sircar spellbinds you with a tale which indirectly spells out that love is so shallow in today’s times of hookups. October is something that you must watch, whichever generation you belong to...


After Piku (and Pink, which Shoojit Sircar admittedly directed), he along with Juhi Chaturvedi (Writer) has dished out a beautiful love story which despite being told sensitively screams out: Love is about caring, love is about being patient, love is definitely not about touching. Millennials, are you reading this?

This gem combo of Juhi and Shoojit is a gift to Bollywood. The duo yet again make a lasting impression in this love story, which does not stretch a minute beyond 2 hours (interval included).

A Still From October Movie
A Still From October Movie

Varun Dhawan proves yet again (after Badlapur) that he’s not just a dancing star who is out to raise laughs alongside. This Dhawan is an actor.

Watch him in the scene where he loses it and pounces on a hotel guest. Watch him in the scene where his voice quivers while talking to Banita Sandhu’s mother. Watch him in the scene where he gets last warning to shape up or ship out on his job, which barely makes his two ends meet.


October Movie Poster

You may feel that the debutante Banita Sandhu has a very easy role, but it’s quite otherwise. Static Banita has to give a range of expressions in her entire portrayal. This 20-something girl comes out with flying colours.

The scene where Banita finally mumbles to Varun 'indicating' she loves him is the highlight of the film.

A Still From October Movie
A Still From October Movie

A special word for the camera work by Avik Mukhopadhyay. Avik makes a simple love story look tremendously ethereal. The first half is a trifle slow, and while you may have mixed feelings about the movie at the interval point, the second half rockets rapidly and compensates to shake you up at various points. The end will shock you and drill the correct meaning of true love.

Besides the unpredictable ending, you will not know until 3 minutes before close that why Shoojit titled this movie as October.

I am going with FOUR.

Image Source: youtube/@risingsunrsf