Omerta, Movie Review: You Will Hate & Love Rajkummar Rao In This Cold-Blooded Masterpiece

Go for this if you value cinema. Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar Rao are not here to wander in a park, films to them mean treasure. Omerta is an unforgettable film, its images will continue to flash before your eyes for a long time to come...

four stars

How many of us know about Omar Sheikh, certainly only few when it comes to today's youth? How many of us know that he was, rather is, one of the most hardened terrorists that the world has ever seen? How many know that reportedly, he pretended to be India‚Äôs External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee and threatened of an imminent military response to the attacks after 26/11?

Well, Hansal Mehta has deep-dived into Mukul Dev's story (thanks Mukul) and made a well-researched film, in fact so well-researched that if Omar gets to see it in the Hyderabad Pakistan jail he will fall off from his chair.

Still From Omerta
Still From Omerta

Over to Hansal's antagonist. He is not the cherry on this cake but the whole and sole of the film. And mind you, not many actors from today's generation could have carried out his role without getting dramatic in at least few scenes. Rajkummar Rao is blessed and hence, special.

Watch him in the scene where he befriends four foreigners and hoodwinks them to the point of helplessness. Watch him in the scene where he wins over the trust of US-based Bela. Watch him in the scene where he butchers ('butchers' is a modest word here, that scene is so gruesome) the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Pearl. Watch him in the scene where he is led away to prison, his grin speaking louder than a thousand words. 

Still From Omerta
Still From Omerta

Hail Hansal for not compromising on the narrative, so what if certain segments have been inserted from news bulletins to preserve its authenticity. Like in the past, this man once again holds the saddle of his horse firmly and does not let it deviate from the main track.

Omerta is an experience and I heard a couple of people puking when Rao butchers the Wall Street Journal journalist. Yes, it's gruesome. It's disturbing too. But it's extremely engaging. And, it requires saying goodbye to emotions before embarking on it, which you can safely bet that Hansal and Rao both did.

I am going with FOUR. 


Image Source: theindianexpress/cinematerial/youtube/omertaofficial