Movie Review: Tu Hai Mera Sunday, Quite A Pleasant Surprise Packet

Barun Sobti makes a sudden impact with this reality bites entertainer directed by first-timer Milind Dhaimade

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Movie Review: Tu Hai Mera Sunday, Quite A Pleasant Surprise Packet
three point five stars

Here’s a msg to writer-director Milind Dhaimade: Would he stand up wherever he is and take a bow, right now?

Without any of those smarmy interviews and assaultive publicity campaigns, this first-timer has delivered one of the very few pleasant surprises of the year. And please don’t let the title Tu Hai Mera Sunday put you off (I was initially, expecting this to be in the sexist genre of Pyaar ka Panchanama). For heaven’s sake, what could this metaphorical description of a beloved one as a “Sunday”, yield?

Gratifyingly, the cheesy title doesn’t matter. Instead, this take on the wired lives of an ensemble of dudes --  in the tangled grid of a megapolis -- has something valid to say, and says it without going into the preachy zone which could have reduced this indie-spirited venture into a Football: Ek Nafrat Katha.

Why football? Simply because the sport offers a weekend diversion on Juhu beach here to a quintet of quirky guys, who toil away, and deal with miscellaneous hassles, most of their own making. But this is Mumbai, meri jaans. The city, which never snores, is resilient and yet restless.

a still from barun sobti upcoming movie
A Still From Tu Hai Mera Sunday

Over then to the Hum Paanch of the show who’re unfairly deprived of their chill zone on the beach . One of the quintet’s a corporate honcho who’s disenchanted with the stifling after-effects of an MBA degree. Count among the rest, an overgrown-up  sort still tied to his mother’s apron strings; a love-‘em-and’-leave-‘em serial womaniser; an office boss hater (that makes most of us!); and a funny fella from a Gujarati family.

Uh huh, shoon kariye? The ‘Gujjus’ are stereotyped as the farsan chompers. Also, you do wonder why Dhaimade had to pick his gang from distinctly different faiths. The script contrives an Amar Akbar Anthonyish pack, with the addition of a Mehernosh bawa. Plus, it’s gratuitously reiterated that Goa is the dream breakaway, hop over there, and dil chahta hai more. Tell us something, we don’t already.

The escapist (literally) entertainer does have its flaws and cringe-inducing moments. Yet for the most part of its running time of two hours  , it’s unalloyed fun, as well as sharply observant of the strengths and foibles of the middle class. Not to expect a Hrishikesh Mukherjee or a Basu Chatterjee classic though. Dhaimade indicates a natural-born playful talent in sync with today’s youth.

barun sobti and shahana goswami in tu hai mera sunday
Barun Sobti And Shahana Goswami In Tu Hai Mera Sunday

At points, the solo spotlight moments assigned to the football fanatics appear to marvellously improvised and off-the-cuff. Quite clearly the TV actor, Barun Sobti, is excellent, making you wonder why he hasn’t yet been given his big-Bollywood-op yet. Shahana Goswami, seen after a hiatus, and Sobti spark cool chemistry.

Among this sunshine squad, do keep an eye out for the acting pyrotechnics of Avinash Tiwari, Maanvi Gagroo and especially, the comic timing of Jay Upadhyay.

Here’s the go-to frolic, then, for the weekend. Or any day of the week.

Image Source: instagram/barunsobtisays & youtube/tuhaimerasunday