Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Movie Review: Papa Sunny Deol And Beta Karan Must See Betaab Tonight At Home

Sunny Deol fails to do justice to his son Karan over his entry ticket in Bollywood- Pal Pal Dil Ke Pe Paas. More attention on visuals than story, screenplay, music, choreography and direction

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Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Movie Review: Papa Sunny Deol And Beta Karan Must See Betaab Tonight At Home
pal pal dil ke paas movie review

As Old As The Hills In Which An Insipid Karan Deol Roams. This was my first heading, but I changed it just before posting. I think you got it by now what Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas is all, err,  only about. What came over Sunny Deol to launch his elder son Karan in a movie which captures mountains and glaciers more than him?

How can Sunny forget his launch Betaab which you still want pal pal dil ke paas even though 36 years have passed by? Rahul Rawail., where are you? Sunny and you are not on the same page nowadays and two big movies of Vijayta films have sufferred- Ghayal Strikes Once Again and now Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.

pal pal dil ke paas movie review

Sahher Bambba, chosen over 400 girls, defies the pain that Sunny and Dharamji took to zero her down. Eyes go moist and fists clench if I recall Amrita Singh opposite Sunny in Betaab, which I strongly advise both father and son to watch tonight together. Bambba needs to groom herself a lot more, baba.

pal pal dil ke paas movie review

Honestly, I shouldn't blame Karan and Bambba too much. They were naive and had surrendered themselves to the man at the helm who has had a great body of work.

But you cannot miss the fact that Karan is probably not much in awe of Sunny and Dharamji's strengths. That's fine, but then where's your personal style Sunny Junior?

pal pal dil ke paas movie review

And, then there's nobody else in the film who matters. So no suggestions for them, no comments about them. Parents, uncle, aunty exist but to mainly eat food at the dining table in one scene!

The only redeeming feature of the film is a decent amount of chemistry between Sahher and Karan. Did they fall in love in real by any chance, which is common with B-town debutants? 

Background music bhi nahin hai, aur agar hai, toh bilkul dum nahin hai. Betaab ka background score aaj bhi rengte khade kar deta hai. Aur songs toh, mashallah!

Daddy and son should not be disturbed tonight. They would hopefully be sitting together with a common laptop or in their home theatre. Jab hum jawaan honge, jaane kahan honge, lekin jahan honge wahaan yaad karenge, tumhe yaad karenge...

I am going with TWO.

Image Source:- Youtube/zeestudios