Indians React To Gucci Selling A Kurta For A Whopping Two And Half Lakh

Indians are amused by the price tag of the latest Gucci kurta and reminds the brand that it is an Indian kurta

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Indians React To Gucci Selling A Kurta For A Whopping Two And Half Lakh
Netizens have reacted to the famous fashion house, Gucci selling a traditional kurta for a whopping Rs 2.5 lakh. It is not just the Kurta but things like turmeric latte, desi khatiya and pranayam being sold at an exorbitant price in the West. The Italian fashion label, describing this Kurta in their social media post wrote, “Crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is enriched with a floral embroidery and self-tile tassels.” One of the Twitter users shared a screenshot of it and what followed next was netizens being unimpressed and shocked with it.

The label is selling this ivory white kaftan with embroidery over it for $3500. The site also carries other kaftans made in silk and various patterns and lengths costing between $1300 going up to $4200. Twitter user sharing the image wrote, “Gucci selling an Indian kurta for 2.5 lakhs? I’ll get the same thing for 500 bucks.” Another use wrote, “Gucci be selling this kurta for C$ 4,550 and I am like …. Who is shelling out that kind of $$$ for a kurta that Ammi bought me from Murree’s Mall Road for 300 rupees”

Another user taking a potshot at them wrote, neither it is kaftan nor it is beautiful, wanting to know why the brand is charging so high for it.  Taking a fun dig at the people in the West tweeted, “White people scamming themselves” Check out more Tweets below-

Just to remind you in 2018, Zara was selling a women’s skirt that looked like lungi, the brand back then had created a lot of buzz about it. ALSO READ: BTS Member RM Feels He Will Go Bankrupt In The Near Future Because Of His Group Members — Here’s Why

Image Source: Twitter/samisjobless