‘The Rock’ Is Very Much Alive, Actor Dwayne Johnson Falls Prey To Death Hoax

Actor Dwayne Johnson falls prey to death hoax once again, the false news piece conveyed that the actor died after a stunt went wrong

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‘The Rock’ Is Very Much Alive, Actor Dwayne Johnson Falls Prey To Death Hoax
Wrestler-Actor Dwayne Johnson yet again fell victim to death hoax news, the news was supported by stating that the actor was killed as a stunt performed by him went wrong costing him his life. This is not the first time the actor has been a victim of such hoax news, Dwayne in 2011 and 2014 as well was declared dead by trolls. And just like always the actor chose to ignore the trolls and continue with his work. 

According to reports in Metro.co.uk. , trolls used BBC’s mention in the news piece, keeping in mind the channel’s credibility and to grab attention. The headline read, ‘BBC: Dwayne The Rock Johnson Dies at 47 after a terrible stunt attempted failed’. But news being hoax and false came to the surface, when the actor himself took to his Instagram stories, to share some of the moments as he interacted with his fans. The link appearing on the news piece, on being clicked took the users to another fake site. ALSO READ:  John Legend, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt - Meet The Hottest Daddies Of Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson wrapped up the shooting of Jumanji: The Next Level, and trust us the trailer of the movie, justifies the title. This time the leads are taken out from the woods and crashed in different locations from desert to snow-clad mountains, assuring a lot of drama and adventure for the audience.

The actor had returned to the wrestling ring and just before he made his comeback, he had taken to his official Twitter handle to announce the same.  

His tweet read, “FINALLY...I come back home to my @WWE universe. This FRIDAY NIGHT, I’ll return for our debut of SMACKDOWN! LIVE on @FOXTV. There’s no greater title than #thepeopleschamp. And there’s no place like home. Tequila on me after the show. #IfYaSmell #Smackdown #RocksShow #FOX.”

Image Source: Instagram/therock