5 Hollywood action franchises that we’d love to see Vin Diesel in

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... On the xXx star’s birthday, we present our wish list

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5 Hollywood action franchises that we’d love to see Vin Diesel in
Vin Diesel turns 49 today. The actor conquered his fans’ hearts with film series like The Fast And The Furious and xXx. On his birthday, we present 5 action franchises that the Hollywood star would be right at home with. Take a look:

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Vin Diesel became famous with The Fast And The Furious, and Transporter is another film on similar lines. Jason Statham played the man-with-principles stuck in a bad situation quite well in the first 3 instalments but the series has meandered post that. The central character is quite strong and Vin Diesel has proved that he can do wonders with a well-etched character.
The Expendables

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The fourth film in The Expendables franchise will roll soon but the cast and story haven’t been confirmed as yet. The series has boasted of a star-studded cast so far. Wouldn’t Vin Diesel be an apt addition to the fourth instalment?

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Sylvester Stallone has played the iconic role in the 4 films in the series. There are many things common between Sylvester and Vin Diesel – both play the brooding, angst-ridden characters well and can hold dramatic scenes deftly. High time that new blood is injected into one of the most memorable war film franchises and the xXx actor fits the bill.
Die Hard
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Bruce Willis has got what it takes even today, but the Die Hard series seems to have petered out after the third film. The franchise’s fan following is slowly dying out. Vin Diesel’s action-packed sequences and rock-hard performance is what this franchise needs.

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Hitman is one of the most unfortunate franchises in Hollywood. Based on a popular video game, two different films have been made on the subject material. While the action sequences were praised, both movies failed to strike a chord with the fans. The central character (played by Timothy Oliphant in the first instalment and Rupert Friend in the second) has an undeniable mystique – something that Vin Diesel can easily pull off.

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