Brad Pitt Wants To Celebrate His 57th Birthday With His Kids And Loves Getting Homemade Greeting Cards From Them

Though busy with his work commitments, actor Brad Pitt who turned 57 yesterday, is looking forward to spending quality time with his kids soon

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Brad Pitt Wants To Celebrate His 57th Birthday With His Kids And Loves Getting Homemade Greeting Cards From Them
Hollywood actor Brad Pitt turned 57 years old yesterday and according to reports in Hollywoodlife, the actor is looking forward to celebrating his birthday with his kids. The information was shared by the actor’s pal with the said publication. However, as he is currently busy with his project, Bullet Train, he will celebrate it with his kids, as they love it. Meanwhile, the actor who has been officially separated from his wife Angelina Jolie, the ex-couple is still battling it out for their kids' custody.

As per reports in Hollywoodlife, the actor’s friend said, “Brad is very low key when it comes to his birthday. He really doesn’t make a big deal about it. He’s in the middle of working on Bullet Train so he’s very preoccupied with all things work but of course, he will celebrate at some point with his kids because they do love that.” Also, the source revealed his younger kids love making birthday greetings for him and hosting a birthday party.

“The younger ones are still at the age where they love making him cards and doing the whole cake and birthday candles thing,” added the source.  The source also adds that the actor only wants to spend time with his kids, but without forgetting the COVID-19 pandemic still very much being in existence.

“So that will happen, it’s just a matter of him having the time off from work and of course with COVID protocols there are a lot of moving parts. But really the only thing that Brad wants for his birthday are the homemade cards that his kids make him and time with them, that is what he treasures most. Otherwise, he’d just as soon skip having a birthday,” added the source. ALSO READ: Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Downey Jr.; The Cost Of Their Favourite Perfumes Can Fund You A Fancy Goa Trip

Also as per another source, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actor is a little shy to know he is inching closer towards his 60. “Birthdays near Christmas have always been interesting for Brad and especially this year is way different than any year before. The main takeaway is that he can’t believe that he is inching towards 60,” the source informs.

The source informs, the actor loves to embrace this phase of his life and isn’t getting stressed about it. “He is embracing getting older and loving life,” says the source. ALSO READ: Here’s What Former Couple Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Were More Concerned About When They Were Married; Reveals Their Bodyguard

Talking about 57th birthday plans, the source added, “And he is going to take today and this weekend to talk to the ones he loves. He isn’t going to have a party and he is not expecting and gifts. He is just looking forward to hearing from his kids and going through the day very happy because he is healthy and mostly everything in his life is going very well. He’s in a great place right now.” ALSO READ: Amidst Custody Battle With Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Gets Clicked With 16-Year-Old Son Pax As They Step Out To Shop In LA

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