Bryan Cranston Explosive Tell-All Book Reveals The Dark Secrets Of His Life

Bryan Cranston reveals all about the iconic tighty-whitey scene in his award-winning series, Breaking Bad and more!

If you thought Walter White was interesting, you should pick up a copy of A Life In Parts, a book that chronicles Bryan Cranston’s life and times. The book is an explosive tell-all and Cranston opens up about that iconic tighty-whitey scene in Breaking Bad.

He writes, “Tighty-whities are funnier. That's why I'd chosen to wear tighty-whities in Malcom. I happened to follow some of the boys' wardrobe calls, and they had kid's tighty-whities laid out, and Hal was just as overgrown boy after all, so it made sense that he's wear boys' underpants."

And well, that’s not all that the book talks about. Bryan talks about his first relationship, which he alleges was with a stalker. He also shares some tender and funny moments of his life, like when he decided to propose to his wife while they were in the bath-tub and a naughty anecdote of how his friends decided to lose their virginity and included him in the plan. 

The book is now available for sale.

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