Did Ex Couple Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Talk About Reuniting FOREVER In A Secret Interview; Know The Truth Here

Is ex-couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston planning to live together once again? Read to know the truth.

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Did Ex Couple Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Talk About Reuniting FOREVER In A Secret Interview; Know The Truth Here
Ever since ex-couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston bumped into each other at SAG Awards, there were numerous reports of the two reuniting. Also, the reason behind it was Brad’s official separation from his former wife Angelina Jolie. Now as per reports in NW, the ex-couple apparently in a secret joint interview for a TV channel spoke of getting back together. The tabloid spread the news and published it with the headline, “This time it’s forever for the two!”

The reports in the said publication also mentioned that the two are ready to sort out their issues that led to their separation years ago. A source informed about their reunion said, “Jen and Brad want to talk about their individual journeys, like his problems with alcohol and her failed relationships. These tales of personal growth will culminate in the main point — their new life together.” Not only restricting it to this news piece, but it also mentioned the former couple planning to build a house. The source further added, “With age comes wisdom, and now that Aniston and Pitt are older, they’re more relaxed about discussing their personal lives — especially with friends like Ellen and Oprah.”

Also, yet another magazine explained how the actor is thinking to use this interview after he finishes the entire process of divorce with his ex-wife Angeline Jolie to clear his name. “Brad is hoping that his four-year battle with his ex-wife will be over by then so that he’ll be free to go to town on the divorce. Brad will use the interview to clear his name a little bit,” informed a close source of the magazine.  

Gossip Cop clarified all this being fake and Pitt- Aniston not being together, also there was no interview given out by the ex-couple. To confirm it furthermore, Jennifer’s spokesperson too stated of the article being fake. ALSO READ: Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Get All Flirty During Their Fast Times Table Read; 'Hi Honey, How You Doing' Moment Leads To Social Media Meltdown

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