Five Rumoured Reasons Behind The Brangelina Split lists all the speculations behind the breakdown of the couple of the century.

It is over! The hottest couple of Tinseltown has called it quits after just two years of marriage (the two dated for 10 years before tying the knot). Angelina Jolie broke a million hearts when she filed for divorce from hubby Brad Pitt on Monday. The relationship has been under the media scanner ever since Brad broke up with Jennifer Aniston and began dating Angelina. The official reason give in the divorce filing is the catch-all term ‘irreconcilable differences’. However, with many speculations doing the rounds, we look at the five most controversial rumoured reasons behind what could be the celeb divorce of the century.

#1 Marion Cotillard

Here comes the infidelity angle. Marion Cotillard, who wowed us with her performance in Dark Knight Rises in 2012 will next be seen in Robert Zemeckis’, Allied, a romantic thriller starring Brad Pitt. Several rumours of the two getting up close and personal on the sets had spread like wildfire, with some even saying that they were every bit the couple on the sets -- spending a lot of time with each other in their respective vanity vans.

#2 Jolie’s Health

Angelina Jolie has definitely seen better days when it comes to her health. The actress who was the epitome of sensuousness in films like Mr and Mrs Smith and gave a new colour to the grunge look in films like Wanted looked quite frail in her recent outings. With a brood of 6 adopted children, her health could have only gone south, not a good thing for marital life. told you when Jolie was spotted looking mightily frail, with some experts saying that she weighed only 79 pounds.

#3 Cash Concerns

Yes, everybody has money problems and looks like the green monster was about to devour both Angelina and Brad. Both have more or less been out of the box-office race for a while now. Angelina’s last commercial venture was Disney’s Maleficent in 2014, while Brad’s was The Big Short in 2015, which he also produced. The high-profile couple could have earned millions in endorsements, but both have been spending time working on humanitarian causes since a couple of years now. Was it becoming difficult to maintain the high profile lifestyle with next-to-nothing coming from the box-office? We’ll never know.

#4 The Kids

The couple has three biological children, two daughters, one born in 2006 and the other born in 2008 and a son, born in 2008. The couple has also adopted 3 children from different parts of the world. Reports are coming in that Angelina has divorced Brad for the health of the family and has asked for custody of the children, allowing the hubby only visiting rights. This is one of the stranger aspects of the divorce proceedings, and we wonder what Angie means by both the statement and the visitation rights demand.

#5 Angie’s Lifestyle

On one hand, Jolie is rumoured to be facing health issues and on the other side, rumours of her being a walking wine-cask have been too detailed to ignore. It was also said that Brad was fed-up of Angie’s drinking ways and wasn’t too comfortable about her mornings being actually late afternoons - especially when the children were around.

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