Have scene details of Spiderman: Homecoming already made their way online?

There's a strong buzz about Spider-Man: Homecoming action scenes online, and we have all the details about the rumors.

Tom Holland has started shooting for the Spider-Man reboot and pictures are pouring in but any information about the film, whose script is a tightly guarded, is scarce.

The buzz is, in a bid to keep the secrecy intact, the guys over at Marvel Comics are going with the working title, ‘Summer of George’.

We stumbled upon some casting call requirements for film that’s titled ‘Summer of George’.

According to a casting call update over at castingcall.net, the film-makers are keen on adding Asian and East Indian type students in roles.  And that’s not all, another update says: 

We especially need a mix of looks and ethnicities

to be a mix of U.S. tourists and foreign tourists

- ALSO, we encourage anyone in a wheelchair to submit as well!

It is unclear whether the characters will be major or minor but you know how it is... anything can happen in the Marvel universe. 
The casting call goes further:

We need High School Students ages 15 to 17, and young men and women, ages 18 to 25, (that look young/high school “look”)

- ALL student types, from conservative to unique looks, and we especially need Asian and East Indian student types

All is conjecture at this point, but all this does look very, very interesting.

Spotboye.com earlier revealed the Spider-Man: Homecoming costume (
SpotboyE reveals Spider-Man: Homecoming costume, June 29). We also told when Tom Holland himself posted a selfie  from the sets of Spider-Man homecoming (Tom Holland’s Spidey selfie from Spider-Man: Homecoming sets is here, July 8).

Thumbnail Image Source: twitter/Filmfeed