Here’s what happens to Theon in Games Of Thrones’ Latest Season

Will Theon meet his tormentor Ramsay in the new instalment? Alfie Allen is here to answer all your questions

Game Of Thrones Season 6 opened with a lot of promise – and staying true to its character, with a lot of suspense, deceptions and death. Fans are already going gaga about its first episode. SpotboyE got in touch with Alfie Allen aka Theon Greyjoy to know more about what lies ahead in the brand new season, as it overtakes George RR Martin’s original novels. Excerpts from the tete-a-tete:

Season 6 began with Theon running away from Iwan Rheon’s character Ramsay. What we can expect from him now?
Theon is now leading the way for Sansa (Stark played by Sophie Turner). In this season, you will see him becoming more assertive than ever. He is slowly going back to being the strong warrior that he once was. He’ll never be the Theon that he once was. But I think he is more forgiving and therefore, a better man now.

Theon was physically abused by Ramsay in the last season. What lies ahead for Theon?
I think my character just wants to right all the wrongs that he’s made. But the first thing to do is assist his sister in gaining control of the Iron Islands – he wants to make his kingdom a great place again.

Will your character be able to come to terms with the trauma that Ramsay has inflicted upon him?
I don’t think my character even realises that right now. If he were to comprehend that, he wouldn’t be able to continue the journey that he’s on. He’s got a certain amount of respect for Ramsay. At the same time, he bloody well hates him too. If they ever come face to face, it would be extremely interesting to see how the two react.

The show is now officially ‘off book’. Does that make it more exciting for the actors or more worrying since you don’t know what’s coming next?
For me, it makes it more exciting. In the weeks and months leading up to the broadcast, I’m always thinking about it.

Game Of Thrones has been getting bigger every year...
(Cuts in) Yeah, hugely! I just get recognised a hell of a lot more. The show is opening doors for me in this industry that I haven’t been able to go through before. That fact itself is fantastic.

The first episode has already been aired. From here, how do you think fans will react to the series?
They’re going to lose their minds! As the season progresses, you’ll see characters that you really didn’t expect to cross paths before, get together. A lot of unexpected twists are in store this season.

Image Source: Ladygeekgirl