International Yoga Day: Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Robert Downey Jr, Among 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Embrace Fitness With Yoga

Take a look at these Hollywood celebrities, embracing and spreading Yoga everywhere on International Yoga Day.

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International Yoga Day: Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Robert Downey Jr, Among 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Embrace Fitness With Yoga
Originated from India, Yoga is a spiritual and physical exercise that strengthens one’s body and mind. As it has countless benefits, Yoga is done by many people to stay fit, calm, and it is also used as a healing technique for people going through mental stress. Today is the day we cherish this key to health, given by our ancestors. Yoga has spread its roots all over the world now even spreading in Hollywood. Here are some celebs from the west who swear by Yoga for health!

Starting with the renowned actress Jeniffer Aniston, in an interview, Jenny had revealed that Yoga is the first thing she does whenever she wants to prepare for something physically and mentally. Having said that, Jenny considers Yoga as a meditation that allows anything that’s coming to you to be doable at the end of the day.

Hollywood singer Katy Perry also considered Yoga as an important thing in her lifestyle. The reason behind that was to get over her divorce from her former husband Rusell Brand. And it definitely changed the life of the singer, as she mentioned it herself.

The Iron man, Robert Downey Jr. also turned to Yoga to control the harmful addictions he had in the past.

Talking about actress Reese Witherspoon, the actress has become a passionate Yogi. Being devoted to Yoga, Reese attended 90min Yoga sessions or had private sessions at her house to keep herself healthy and fit.

Being a fitness freak, superstar Matthew McConaughey considers Yoga as an essential part of a well-balanced life.

Star performer Lady Gaga also got help from Yoga during her recovery from the surgery. Practicing Bikram Yoga, Gaga mentioned that it helped her to get rid of her eating disorder.

Being so passionate about Yoga, actress Kate Hudson started her own fitness clothing brand named Fabletics.

Hollywood singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus has also been practicing Yoga for years. As mentioned by her, her daily workout routine includes Ashtanga Yoga.
The Pop Queen, Beyonce is never missing a chance to flaunt her Yoga skills as we can see in her social media posts. Being popular for her toned and perfect body, Beyonce considers Yoga as the reason for that.

The Maroon 5 lead, Adam Levine regularly practices Yoga to keep himself cool. And as mentioned by him in an interview, the backstage of any Maroon 5 concert always has a room marked as Yoga.

June 21st, being the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and having special importance, made Prime Minister Modi choose it as an International Yoga Day. During his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on September 27, 2014, he proposed this day to be held internationally.

Currently, as the world is facing COVID-19, many people have been broken down mentally by this pandemic. In depressive times like these, Yoga has been a huge help for many people, as it keeps their body and spirit healthy. Now as we are talking about International Yoga Day, let us take at the Hollywood celebrities who have included Yoga in their daily life and have been spreading it all over the world.

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