Is Captain America Star Chris Evans In A Serious Relationship? Rumours Send Fans Into Meltdown

Recently, rumours of Captain America stars Chris Evans being in a serious relationship, surfaced on social media. Check out how his fans reacted!

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Is Captain America Star Chris Evans In A Serious Relationship? Rumours Send Fans Into Meltdown
Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, has a massive following all over the world. The heartthrob has been keeping his personal life under wraps of late, and fans assume he has been single since his relationship with Jenny Slate ended in 2018. While there had also been rumours in 2020 about Chris dating Lily James, after the two were seen enjoying together on a park date, nothing was heard about it after that. Fans had been convinced he isn’t currently dating anyone recently, however, they were heartbroken after rumours about him being in a serious relationship surfaced on social media.

It so happened that a celebrity gossip account on Instagram ‘DeuxMoi’ shared a screenshot on their Instagram stories from an anonymous source, who revealed that they heard Chris is dating a ‘non famous, nice girl from the East coast area.’ After that, a screenshot of another anonymous user’s DM was shared by DeuxMoi who revealed, “One of my friends is friends with her and she said they are getting pretty serious.." While of course, this isn’t confirmed, and they could just be rumours, Chris Evans’ fans on Twitter were left heartbroken!

While one social media user wrote, “apparently chris evans has a secret non-famous east coast girlfriend and i wish i could say that didn’t literally devastate me but here we are,” another social media user wrote, “I’m having my exams and my dumb ass bestie informs me about Chris Evans having a girlfriend. She didn’t have to break me like that during my stressful times.” A third user tweeted, “woke up to see chris evans has a girlfriend, i will be unavailable until further notice.” Check out some reaction below:

Chris Evans is currently shooting for his upcoming spy thriller The Gray Man, which also stars Ryan Gosling, Ana De Armas. It is based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name.

Image Source: Instagram/Chris Evans