Jennifer Lawrence: There are always a few bumps and bruises while making a film

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Jennifer Lawrence: There are always a few bumps and bruises while making a film

X-Men: Apocalypse is in theatres. SpotboyE caught up with Jennifer Lawrence, Raven/Mystique from the film franchise. She spoke to us about her role and the film.  Excerpts:

Tell us about your role as Raven in X-Men: Apocalypse.
This movie is about Raven becoming a leader. She was treated as a hero after what transpired at the end of Days of Future Past. She didn’t want that mantle and went underground. In this film, she accepts the leadership position, steps into the role that Charles usually occupies. Eventually, she leads the young X-Men into the final battle.

How was it working a second time with Bryan Singer (X-Men: Days of Future Past earlier) as director? 
I know what to expect from Bryan and love working with him. We have an easy rapport and he keeps the set lively.

How was it switching to the 1980s attire this time?
It was cool! I start in a very “Berlin” music-video style pop outfit, then I quickly transition to a more Joan Jett rebel look, which is what I wear for most of the film until we finally suit up in the end.

Any bumps or bruises this time? And was the make-up any easier?
There are always a few bumps and bruises. The make-up was, however, faster this time. They’ve been practising the process since the first film, making it faster and more painless each time. The script had more Raven than Mystique, so the number of blue days weren’t as bad.

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