Joker Movie Review: International Reviewers Say The Psychological Thriller Is Mind-Boggling Just Like Its Plot

Psychological thriller Joker helmed by Todd Philips is yet to entertain the Indian audience with its release set for October 2, 2019, in India and October, 4, in the USA, but with few privileged international critics from the film fraternity got an opportunity to watch the film, and reviews are compelling the audience to hit the theatres soon

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Joker Movie Review: International Reviewers Say The Psychological Thriller Is Mind-Boggling Just Like Its Plot
Joker, the psychological thriller helmed by Todd Philips stars actor Joaquin Phoenix in the iconic role of the joker. The trailer itself sent chills down the spine on its release; set to take the Indian audience by storm on October 2 and from October 4, 2019, in the USA.  Also, it was screened at the 76th edition of the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2019, and at Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2019. But before the movie hit the theatres, some of the privileged members of the film fraternity and internationally acclaimed critics have witnessed this masterpiece on the silver screen and their reviews say it all.

As per reviews aggregated by Rotten, the film has received an approval rate of 77% on the basis of the 138 reviews, ultimately rating the film on an average of 7.64/10 which is great. The reviewers of some of the leading publications have mentioned in their review of the movie being an intense and disturbing drama, original to the core and were gushing about the actor’s portrayal of Joker on the screen which was nerve-racking. Below are top 5 reviews of the movie penned by reviewers of the leading publications.

Neil Soans- Times Of India- Disturbing and intense, yet undeniably brilliant, this may very well become the definitive origin tale of the Joker.

Brian Truitt- USA Today - "Joker" is on the surface the origin of a supervillain but more subtly an exploration of empathy and the personal impact of a society devoid of it.

Min-sik Yoon- Korea Herald-There are films that push you to the limit, have you on the edge, and then there's Joker, starring the brilliance of Joaquin Phoenix.

Anthony Lane - New Yorker The strenuous effort of Phoenix's performance that it becomes exhausting to behold. Get a load of me, he seems to say, and the load is almost too much to bear.

Chris Hunneysett- Daily Mirror (UK)- Drags you kicking and screaming inside the worldview of a man as he goes violently insane
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Well, we surely can't wait for it's India release on October, 2, 2019.

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