Just How Clean Is Baylee Curran?

Details about the reasons behind Baylee getting stripped of the Miss Califronia title will raise questions about.

Buzz is, Baylee Curran was stripped of her Miss California crown because she uttered racial slurs during the competition. Another addition to the list of allegations is that she had a nude photo-shoot. 

Who’s Baylee?

She was at the centre of the controversy when news broke of Chris Brown being arrested after she alleged that he shoved a gun to her face. Reports are coming in the racial slurs were targeted towards African-Americans.

Other rumours suggest that Baylee was catty to the other contestants.

These fresh allegations will show the Chris Brown arrest in a new light. Interestingly, before Chris was arrested, he uploaded a video on his Instagram, with a rant where he claimed that the police was the worst gang in the world.

Chris has had a chequered past with the authorities and a history of violence with women. He gained the most notoriety when he pleaded guilty to the charge of hitting girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He was on probation for 5 years which ended in 2015. 

Chris was also in a legal wrangle when a woman accused him of hitting her and taking her phone away.

Rumours suggest that Baylee Curran wasn’t the best of peers during the competition and was catty to the other contestants. Baylee was in the news recently for alleging that Chris Brown shoved a gun to her face.

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