Kim Kardashian Stops By Jimmy Fallon’s Show And Plays An Interesting Game Revealing Google ‘Pee Hole’ Search

Kim Kardashian never misses her chance to be at ‘The Tonight Show’. Well, the beauty mogul recently graced the New York Fashion Week, post which, she thrilled fans by playing ‘Show Me Your Phone’ with Fallon revealing latest Google ‘Pee Hole’ search

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Kim Kardashian Stops By Jimmy Fallon’s Show And Plays An Interesting Game Revealing Google ‘Pee Hole’ Search
Kim Kardashian never misses a chance to pour out immense love to fans. The beauty mogul recently made an appearance at the New York Fashion Week and was snapped attending Serena Williams Fashion show as well. As there is no day, when the Kardashians and Jenner sisters do not stop by Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’, Kim joined Fallon by playing a game which revealed secrets of what is in her phone. The game ‘Show Me Your Phone’ disclosed the random contents the Kardashian has in her phone.

Kim Kardashian has created her own record by appearing many times on Jimmy Fallon show. The diva does not fail to impress and thrill her fans and indulges well in fun and games to entertain the audiences. On Fallon’s show, Kim arrived looking sultry in a sheer deep plunging halter neck top and perfectly fitted leather pants. On The Tonight show, Fallon made Kim play the game ‘Show Me Your Phone’ wherein she would reveal the contents of her phone. The fun game started will Jim asking his first question to Kim. She was asked to show the last text between her spouse and herself. The message came out to be quite adorable. Kim’s husband Kanye West texted the model a photo of a ranch sign with a fish made of iron that read. “West Lake.” Under the picture, Kanye wrote how this West Lake is their First Ranch in their family and the importance it will hold and mean to the couple after 50 years from now. This cute husband and wife bond that Kanye and Kim share has surely left fans in awe and West clearly is smitten by the love of his lovely wife.

Moving ahead, the next interesting question by Fallon on the show was, “Show us your last Google search.” Asking Jimmy for a head ups on this question, Kim told Fallon that he should have warned her so she would clear her history. Going through her Google search list, Kim said how it was so embarrassing and asked if she had to? Finally revealing the details in her Google search list, Kim’s most recent search was, “Is shapewear with a pee hole better.” Explaining herself, the beauty mogul spoke in brief about her newly launched shape-wear brand SKIMS and her debating if she needs to add a pee hole in certain things as without a pee hole it is difficult. Kardashian further added, “Like under a dress to the Emmys, I would try to use the pee hole then you pee all over yourself. It doesn’t work half the time anyway. This is such a legit question.”

In the final segment Fallon and Kim had to look through each other’s cell phone’s deleted pictures and find the worst picture to share on their Instagram. Unfortunately, for Jim, Kim’s deleted photo’s history which consisted of pictures from dress trials and fitting in which she looked just as beautiful as ever.  Finally, Jimmy posted a picture of Kim of what she wore at the show without make-up in which she managed to still look ravishing.

Kardashian nailed her appearance with her witty and interesting answers. Meanwhile, Kim recently announced she is undergoing treatment for her lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The actress had earlier taken to her social media to share the news with her fans. ( Also Read: Kardashian revealed she will be on medication to stop her lupus symptoms)

Image source: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian