Our favourite Sylvester Stallone franchises ranked!

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... On Sly’s 70th birthday, we rank Sylvester Stallone franchises to date.

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Our favourite Sylvester Stallone franchises ranked!

Sylvester Stallone is an institution in himself. After more than four decades in Hollywood, he is one of the most recognised actors in the world. He is also one of the earliest actors to feature in franchise. On his birthday today, let’s take a look at our favourites.

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#1 Rocky

This is Sylvester’s baby. It was Stallone who wrote the script and then sold it to Robert Chartoff and Irwin Winkler, adamant that he will play the lead role in what went on to be an Academy Award winner. Stallone continued as Rocky for in seven movies, the latest being Creed in 2015. Rocky is not just a boxing film but a beautiful story of an underdog, and it has been portrayed beautifully by Stallone since the 70s.

We rank the film as our most favourite Sylvester Stallone franchise because of the raw emotion that the characters portray. Even with the misstep of Rocky V in the 90s, Sylvester has more or less succeeded in creating a character that the audience can connect with even today.

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# 2 The Expendables

This is another Sylvester Stallone baby that’s a super-hit at the box office. With the fourth sequel in the making, this franchise is here to stay. 

The film had the who’s who of the Hollywood action scene defeating villains just like they did in the 80s – blowing up buildings and detonating bombs at the last moment.

The Expendables succeeds in doing what bigger action films haven’t been able to, tell the story of men of action with the required emotional heft.

We list this second in this list because The Expendables is a self-aware, humorous take on the concept of the muscled hero in Hollywood. And coming from Sylvester, who has embodied that role for decades, this is a touchdown.

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#3 Rambo
John Rambo was a character based on a book written by David Morrell in 1972, titled First Blood. The film became a huge hit and spawned several sequels, with the last Rambo releasing in 2008, it starred Stallone once again as the lead character, now a veteran.At the core of it all, it is one of the best films that show the despair, destruction of the human soul that war results in. This is the third in our list because the franchise seems to have run its course. Rambo has fought everyone from the Vietnamese to a corrupt American general. What next?

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