Selena Gomez And Ex-Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey End Up Dining At The Same Restaurant - AWKWARD

What's worse? Selena Gomez's BFF, Madison Beer was seen chilling with Hailey and not Gomez. Netizens were furious to catch glimpse of Beer tagging along with Hailey but to everyone’s surprise Selena defended Madison in the best way possible. Atta girl!

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Selena Gomez And Ex-Justin Bieber's Wife Hailey End Up Dining At The Same Restaurant - AWKWARD
What is more awkward running into your ex or into your ex’s wife? For singer Selenz Gomez, neither of it, facing the latter, the singer ended up at the restaurant as Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin on Saturday night as reported in TMZ. The two were out with bunch of friends; while Selena came down to celebrate the release of her recent album Rare, Hailey was seen with Selena’s buddy Madison Beer. Though neither of the groups got involved into any sort of pleasantries, there was a lot slamming that happened to Madison for her presence at the venue. 

While Selena and Madison who are pals, social media users were upset with her for being on Hailey’s side. This gesture of Madison was termed as Madison betraying Selena for Hailey. A lot of comment floated on the internet which compelled Madison to react to it. Followed by which Selena herself expressed her disappointment over this irrational behaviour of the social media users and defended Madison. The two groups were clicked at Craig’s located in West Hollywood; Selena left an hour before Hailey and her group made a move.  ALSO READ: After Selena Gomez' Drama; Justin Bieber And Wife Hailey Bieber Step Out To Go Hiking Together - PICS

Commenting on one of the posts, targeting her Madison clarified herself and termed these rumours being insane and merely being used to bully her. She also mentioned in her comment of having a good rapport with Selena for over 10 years now, and questioned the slammers is it a crime to be friends with Hailey. ALSO READ: Selena Gomez Admits New Album ‘Rare’ Related To Justin Bieber Breakup Was A ‘Nightmare’ -Video

Defending Madison, Selena expressed her disappointment towards netizens for it and mentioned how she too shares a good rapport with Madison. Further adding she also mentioned about how she has known Madison ever since she was baby till the time she turned into woman. ALSO READ: Selena Gomez Trolled For 'I'm Sorry' Comment On Amy Schumer's IVF Post Revealing She's Freezing Her Eggs 

Image Source: Instagram/haileybieber/selenagomez