Suicide Squad director posts apology for ‘F#$k Marvel’ rant at premiere

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... David Ayer apologises profusely to whom he termed brother film makers.

The Suicide Squad juggernaut officially rolls out this week and news is pouring in from the premiere. Director David Ayer posted an apology on Twitter about an insensitive remark that he confessed to making during the premiere.

Reportedly, someone yelled ‘F&^k Marvel’ and David echoed the audience member’s emotions.

Given Marvel and DC’s past history, we agree that David’s rant was completely uncalled for. This is one of the first times that someone from either camps has called out anyone from the opposite camp.

Both Marvel and DC have been at loggerheads at the box-office with Marvel’s films winning audiences as well as critics, and DC’s film projects turning out to be damp squibs.

DC’s last film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opened to some highly critical reviews with many reviewing it as a dull, boring fare that didn’t do a good job of entertaining, even with two of the greatest fictional characters pitted against each other in the film. On the other hand, Marvel’s third film in the Captain America franchise, Captain America: Civil War turned out to be a highly entertaining and money-grossing film.

The plot thickens with DC’s Wonder Woman and Justice League films creating the right buzz with their first looks and trailers and Marvel is gearing up for box-office glory with addition to their tried and tested franchise, Avengers:  Infinity War.  Production has already started for Marvel’s reboot of their iconic superhero, Spider-Man, titled Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Thumbnail Image Source: thewrap