Sylvester Stallone to debut on TV

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... Will work in a series based on The Godfather series

Sylvester Stallone turns to television. His Expendables 4 is up for a 2017 release but before that, his fans will see him on television for the first time!

Sony Pix announced that Sly, known for his iconic performances in Rocky, Rambo and The Expendables will be part of a television series based on the Godfather series.

The television adaption will be based on Omerta, Mario Puzo’s third book in the mafia trilogy. This will be the first scripted show on TV for Stallone.

Omerta starts after the death of Don Vincenzo Zeno and tells the story of Astorre Viola, who grows up learning the ways of Sicily under the guidance of Don Raymonde Aprile. 
When Aprile is assassinated on the day of his grandson’s communion, Astorre understands that he will have to avenge that death.

Now, that’s what is called a hardboiled mafia story!

The series is directed by Antoine Fuqua who earlier gave us Training Day.

Thumbnail Image Source: today