Three Spin-Offs Of Game Of Thrones Are Reported To Be In Pipeline- Excited Much?

After the popular series, Game of Thrones wrapped up in 2019, there is a buzz of three GOT spin-offs being in pipeline

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Three Spin-Offs Of Game Of Thrones Are Reported To Be In Pipeline- Excited Much?
The most-watched series, Game of Thrones may have ended, leaving fans somewhat dissatisfied with the end. But now as per reports in The Hollywood Reporter, three spin-offs of this series are in the pipeline backed by HBO. These spin-offs will be House of the Dragon that is scheduled to be out for the audience next year, and Tales of Dunk and Egg. But the third spin-off is yet to be officially announced and confirmed.  House of the Dragon will be out for the audience without a pilot or experimental episode.

THR also reports that the two spinoffs are currently titled as 9 Voyages and 10,000 Ships, where actor Steve Toussaint will be seen in House of the Dragon, thus indicating the spinoff will have a crossover. This spinoff will be a tale of the legendary princess of Rhoynar, the origin of the people of Dorne. Also, it is said, the princess has demanded 10,000 ships as she moved out with her armies and dragons of Valyrian Freehold, with them eventually landing at the southern region of Westeros.

While the third spinoff which is yet to be titled has a backdrop of Flea Bottom, a slum in King’s landing, that is said to be the capital of Westeros. Characters like Davos Seaworth seen in GoT were said to be belonging to this place.

Beginning in 2011, Game Of Thrones, came to an end in 2019, now with these three spinoffs in the pipeline, we are pretty excited about what they have in stores for us. ALSO READ: Game Of Thrones Couple Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Welcome Baby Boy; Get Photographed With Their Newborn

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