Tom Cruise’s Deepfake TikTok Videos Create A Stir On Social Media But There’s A Catch

Tom Cruise’s deepfake TikTok videos are going viral on social media but is he really the Mission Impossible actor in the videos? Find out here

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Tom Cruise’s Deepfake TikTok Videos Create A Stir On Social Media But There’s A Catch
If you have come across some TikTok videos of Hollywood star Tom Cruise on social media, then we are sorry to burst your bubble, those are not real. That’s right! Tom Cruise is not on TikTok and the videos that are currently circulating on social media are fake. Well, giving more information on that, a relatively new account named @deeptomcruise started to post these fake videos of Tom Cruise that took the internet by storm. People are going berserk to see videos of Tom playing golf and doing magic and it was soon revealed that the man in the video is not the Mission Impossible actor. 

According to Fortune, the man behind this is named Chris Ume and he’s a video visual effects specialist from Belgium. Using deepfake technology, Une has managed to create real looking videos that resemble Cruise. Scary, right? Even netizens are pretty worried about this deepfake technology. “Deepfakes are genuinely one of the most worrying things to come out of 2020. Technology is fast improving and we need laws and legislation to keep up and even preempt it in order to prevent exploitation and that buzzword that is "fake news" #deepfake #tomcruise." tweeted one netizen. While another one tweeted, “Here’s the crazy thing about this Tom Cruise deepfake....  This isn’t even a super high quality deepfake and I’m willing to bet that it could fool most people.   Now imagine the quality of deepfake a government agency could produce.”

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Tom Cruise has begun shooting his upcoming film and next series of the franchise, Mission Impossible 7. As per reports in Dailymail, the actor is making sure the UK schedule gets completed well without any hiccup and hence appointed robots to ensure safety measures. 

“Tom is so serious about making sure that the shoot is not shut down that he has splashed on these robots as he can't be everywhere to ensure that people are behaving themselves,” the source told the portal. After the UK schedule, the team will film some portion of the movie in Dubai.

Image source: Twitter/ Addz80s