Why You Should Not Miss Watching The Oscars Tomorrow!

The 89th Academy Awards- Oscars 2017 Won't Be A Boring Affair. You can bet on that! There's lots to look out for. And mind you it's not just La La Land

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Why You Should Not Miss Watching The Oscars Tomorrow!

The musical notes of La La Land have swept most of the award functions this winter and judging by its streak it’s a foregone conclusion that it will walk away with maximum number of trophies in its kitty.  But when the ceremony will unfold tonight, apart from the usual, the world will also keep an eye on:

1. Will La La Land break records?
La La Land has been nominated in a record 14 categories at the Oscars and thus tying up with All About Eve and Titanic.  While Titanic went home with 11 Oscars, All About Eve could manage 6. While it’s a sure shot conclusion that Titanic’s record will remain intact, there are chances that it will definitely overtake All About Eve.

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2 – How far will the 'rivalry' of Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel go?
Strictly speaking the rivalry between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is fake and has its origin during the third season of Jimmy Kimmel Live when Jimmy apologized to Matt for not including him in the episode. Since then, the series of fake feuds, which first started in 2005, have evoked, both, laughter and eyeballs at various events. While Matt Damon will be attending the ceremony in the capacity of producer of Manchester by the Sea, one of the films nominated in the Best Film category, Jimmy Kimmel will make his debut as the Academy host. It only remains to be seen which direction will the rivalry head to.

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3 – Will Asghar Farhadi have the last laugh?
Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman has been nominated in the category of Best Foreign Language film. Blame it on Donald Trump’s executive order of barring Muslims of seven countries from entering the US, Farhadi announced that he wouldn’t be attending the Oscar ceremony. Last heard, Farhadi will be connected via video conferencing with a protest rally, which will take place outside the Academy’s office. The story is still not over, the catch is - The Salesman is the strongest contender for the trophy. Not much is know about the political inclination of the Academy, but if the Oscar entry from Iran were to take home the trophy, it would be something that would make Trump spend sleepless nights in anger

Image Source: IMDb

4 – Is the ‘Oscar So White’ controversy over for good?
The Oscars last year was riddled with controversy. The ‘Oscar So White’ controversy plagued the Academy so much that it was promptly noticed and due attention was given to rectify it.  The Oscar last year was an all-white affair and some worthy films were ignored. This year, it seems they have more than made up for the sin they committed. While Denzel Washington is part of the Best Actor category (Male), Viola Davis for the same film in nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category (Female). Ruth Nega’s moving performance in Loving has been given its due in the Best Actor category (female) while Barry Jenkins too figures in the list of Best Directors. Now the million-dollar question is, who will go home with the golden statuette?

5 – Is Mahershala Ali set to become the first Muslim to win an Oscar?
Mahershala Ali is from the lot who made it big in films from the world of television. He should be thankful to David Fincher’s House of Cards, which turned around things for him. There cannot be a better moment for an actor to celebrate when two of his films feature in the Best Film category in the same year – Moonlight and Hidden Figures. At various award functions, the number of awards Ali has won for his riveting performance in Moonlight tops 30.  History is at the doors – will he also become the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar?

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