If You Liked Typewriter, Here Are Some Shows You Can Watch Next

Netflix India’s Typewriter’s success shows that Indian audiences have an appetite for horror-crime shows. Here are our top picks

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If You Liked Typewriter, Here Are Some Shows You Can Watch Next
Have you binged Typewriter yet? If not, you must. Sujoy Ghosh’s latest show for Netflix India is grabbing eyeballs in India and worldwide. If you are the kind of person who is as up to date with their binging habits as we are, and loved Typewriter as much as we did, here are some shows you can watch next. 


You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t watched Stranger Things. Period. A science fiction show set in the 80s, Stranger Things completed their successful third season recently. Much like Typewriter, the show is centred around a group of kids who live in the mythical town of Hawkins. This group of youngsters is devoted to saving their town from the onslaught of a monster. Highly binge-worthy. 

All 3 seasons are streaming on Netflix. 


The Haunting of Hill House was voted one of the best horror shows of 2018, but in our opinion, it’s one of the finest horror shows of all time. It tells the story of a family who own a sprawling house which happens to be haunted. In present day, the siblings come back to live in the house but the paranormal activities continue. The show doesn’t rely on jump-scares and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Streaming on Netflix



If you are looking for a constant supply of good horror content, you must check out American Horror Story. With a solid 8 seasons, the show is both really high on the scare scale and brilliant story-telling. Each season is disconnected and tells a new story. Our personal favourite? Season 5 which also stars Lady Gaga!

Streaming on Hotstar


Netflix India’s brave dystopian horror series is our final choice. The show received little success, but is brave in its story-telling. The setting is that of a dystopian future where the military has taken over. It is at such a military detention centre that a supernatural creature enters and hell breaks loose. Need more reason to watch? It stars the Internet’s favourite woman, Radhika Apte!

Streaming on Hotstar

Happy binging folks

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