Shiv Sena Denies The News Of Filing A Police Complaint Against Netflix And Sacred Games, Calls It Fake

According to earlier reports, a member of political party, Shiv Sena had filed a complaint against Netflix for airing Hindu-Phobic content in Sacred Games. Now, the political party has denied the news in a statement calling it fake

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Shiv Sena Denies The News Of Filing A Police Complaint Against Netflix And Sacred Games, Calls It Fake
Netflix is one of the most popular apps for online streaming and the US-based company have many viewers in and outside the country. Netflix India is popular for its most anticipated show Sacred Games and many others, while the films aired on the app also have a huge fan base. As the binge app has lately been allegedly airing some content related to the Hindu customs and Hinduism, several have revolted against it, accusing the app of airing Hindu-Phobic content. Recently a piece of news circulated in the tabloids claimed that a member of Shiv Sena filed a police complaint against Netflix regarding the content. Denying the above stated, the party put out an official statement calling it fake.

The political party recently on Wednesday released a statement denying the reports that stated a member of the party filed a police complaint against popular binge app Netflix for apparently streaming Hindu-phobic content. Clearing out the air on the same, the party released an official statement on their Twitter and mentioned the news surfacing regarding the complaint by the party against Netflix India to be false. The party further went on to request everyone to confirm the news with official representatives before putting out any false news that might mislead the public.

Reports earlier stated that an IT cell member of the party registered a complaint with the LT Marg police station against the US-based streaming company Netflix. According to the member who lodged the complaint, claimed that Netflix has approved a concerted strategy in order to defame Hindus and India with the help of shows Leila starring Huma Qureshi and Sacred Games starring Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles. The reports also stated that, the complainant will further seek the help of Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis with a copy of the complaint and a recorded CD which holds proof of the video evidence and will request CM Devendra Fadnavis to take strict action in this case as it involves many sentiments and emotions of Hindus all over. (Also Read: Sacred Games 2 promotes Hindu Phoblic content according to Shiv Sena member, files complaint against Netflix)

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