Vir Das On His New Show Inside Out; Says, 'I Knew This Was A Moment I Needed To Capture

Vir Das opens up about his new Netflix show Inside Out and how the lockdown and the pandemic helped him capture the moment

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Vir Das On His New Show Inside Out; Says, 'I Knew This Was A Moment I Needed To Capture
Vir Das is ready with a new show.  It’s called  Inside  Out and it premieres on Netflix on December 16. Explaining the concept behind the show Vir says, “It started out just to raise money for different charities. I'd do an online show every night to raise money and give the ticket sales away. To warm up the audience I'd ask 'what's the first thing you're going to do when the world is normal again?'. Suddenly people all over opened up about their dreams. And I knew this was a moment I needed to capture. So the entire show is a comedian asking people across the world that one question.”

Vir says he enjoyed his lockdown period. “I’ve been a circus performer for the past decade, travelling seven months a year. So I’ve never had this kind of time at home. So it’s nice to have this pause. So far I’ve been regurgitating output for the past decade now I’ve time to ingest content. And I had really been ignoring the digital platform. So far I had done some stand-up on Netflix. But never played the YouTube or the  Instagram game. I am just taking time off to put up some uplifting feel-good  content on those two platforms.”

For the lockdown entertainment seekers, Vir has a daily treat.  “I set up a show on zoom every night where I work m way backwards through the day. It’s a 90-minute daily show with tickets  sold and the proceeds  going to  various charities  and causes, like Helpage, migrant  workers, children with cancer.”

Vir feels the lockdown is the best thing that could have happened to contain the virus. “Absolutely  I feel our central government and state ministers have done a really good job.  Every country is marching to its own beat in this Corona crisis. India too is doing its own thing and the  Government decided in the lockdown at the right time. But  I would love to see  more testing kits and  better relief  packages.”

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