Binge or Cringe: Hankaar Is A Gritty crime Drama That Depicts Mumbai's Ugly Underbelly

SpotboyE’s Just Binge reviews is back with another episode, this time we tell you whether it’s worth watching Hungama Play’s original web series, Hankaar

Hankaar is the story of 5 people set in the world of crime in Mumbai. The stories are about their struggles and their ultimate fall as they are thrust into the dark alleys of organized crime, unaware of their connection to a common enemy.

The series plays up on the 4 elements that make for riveting viewing - glamour, power, money and crime. A gritty crime drama, the show depicts the ugly underbelly of Mumbai. It stars Rajesh Balwani, Ujjwal Chopra and Yogini Chouk.

Mumbai plays the most important character in this crime drama. While the directors Sanjay Bhatia, Ravi Iyer & Yogi Chopra show the evolved ways of working of the underworld these days, the theme still remains a little exhausting and over done. What’s nice though is the way the 5 stories are intricately interlinked, but you’d not lose out on anything if you skipped this one. Our verdict: Skipworthy