Fatherhood Review: Kevin Hart Starrer Is The Best Father's Day Gift To Give Yourself

Fatherhood starring Kevin Hart, Alfre Woodard, Frankie R. Faison and others will make you sob and giggle. It is a film that you must watch on the occasion of Father's day.

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Fatherhood Review: Kevin Hart Starrer Is The Best Father's Day Gift To Give Yourself

If you can get over the blatant colour blindness of this post-gestation dramedy—the father in the original was a White man—and if you can  accept the very engaging Kevin Hart as the sudden-widower left with the responsibility of looking after his baby girl, you are in for a treat.

Fatherhood, which seems inspired by Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, (go ahead, laugh) will make you sob and giggle, sometimes at  the same time, as Hart playing Matthew Logelin struggles with playing Daddy and Mommy to his little motherless baby. 

Remember Shah  Rukh Khan in KKHH? What could have been a seriously soppy over-sweetened sentimental yawn-inducing yarn sparkles and sussurates with an inner vigour and extraneous splendor. The film is beautifully shot. Even the  baby’s poo looks pretty (just kidding). There is a sense of purpose behind the peachy prettiness. How to  cope with the tragedy of suddenly losing your wife (Deborah Ayorinde, doing Rani Mukherjee from  KKHH) and how to cope with single parenthood especially when the parent  doesn’t have breasts?

(To this Hart heartfelt response, “Sometimes they do”) Some American critics (gosh, these yanks are so hard to please!) have complained  about the lack of dramatic conflict  in the plot. Wrong wrong! Wrong, my friends. It’s not the drama that is missing. It is the dramatic externalization of a potentially hysterical situation  that  director Paul Weitz (a veteran, if ever there was one) avoids . He keeps the simmering tension between Hart and his mother-in-law 

Marion(Alfre Woodard) on a slow-burn. Whenever the tension-filled  question—how can  Matthew bring up his daughter all by himself?—raises its head,  Kevin Hart quashes it with a humorous quip. Or  otherwise the script lets the baby play referee. One look at her and  her protectors are putty. It’s like watching a film that is determined at  any cost to avoid unpleasantness which is  not  such a  bad thing in  today’s  desperate  times. Then there is Kevin Hart’s chemistry with  the little girl Melody Hurd  who plays his daughter Maddy. They look  so much like a father and  daughter together that I felt  any feminine intrusion into Matthew’s  life to be a  clear case  of trespassing.

Anyway, love does happen again. There is an  unnecessary drama over  Swan(DeWanda Wise) entering as widower-daddy’s new love interest.Kajol, she is  not. I don’t think she aspires to be. The actors are all so agreeable it is like watching a  film that you have gifted yourself for  a special occasion. Fatherhood is a must-watch for those nervous about having a child and a refresher course for those who have been there and done  it all. Dirty diapers will never be the same again.

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