I Blame Society REVIEW: Hollow Stomach Churning Exploration Of Failure

I Blame Society Review: "I would never want to run into Gillian Wallace. Not because she is so dangerous. But she is so damned annoying. Ditto the film," writes Subhash K Jha. Read more here...!

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I Blame Society REVIEW: Hollow Stomach Churning Exploration Of Failure

Never have  I ever come across a more despicable  protagonist than Gillian(Gillian Wallace Horvat) in  this film where the  director  plays , self-appointed  filmmaker who turns into a serial killer  when   things  don’t work  out for her.

Where, you may ask, do such career  shifts happen  so  seamlessly? LA, my friends,  LA. In that  city of dreams  anything can happen. Even this  reprehensible  job-hopping scream  of a scheme which  is the stuff stand-up comedies are made  up of.

But shhhhh!  Don’t let  Gillian  hear you.Naraaz ho jayegi. Then  you might be her  next victim. She  does mention that  she   kills only the evil. Of course  she decides  who is  evil. So her  incredibly patient  boyfriend’s new  girlfriend  is  evil because….well,because she  is  his  new  girlfriend.

 Gillian  also breaks the pattern  of killing   only the evil , just to  put the  cops off the trail she kills a  few good ones too.

 In an unbearably sadistic  (some would say funny because Gillian thinks she has a sense of humour) sequence she  brings  a homeless  vagabond home, feeds  him and then  tells him to have sex with her. He obliges  thinking he has found a  roof on his  head, a wacko in bed .

 Gillian   also breaks and enters  into a Japanese  girl’s home,kills her and writes a  suicide note on her behalf.I  am not sure what these people  are being punished for? Perhaps  for  agreeing to be  in a  bad  film?

She rejects  the only voice of sanity in her life: her boyfriend  Keith(Keith Poulson) who tries his  best  to deal  with her  psychotic  mind. He finally  gives up. That he sticks around for so long listening to her psycho-babble and  finally  leaves  only when she actually starts  killing people  ,says a lot about his willpower.

 Sorry, I don’t have the same threshold  of endurance. At 1 hour 26 minutes,this film seemed  an  hour too  long to me. It  rambles and  heaves  with an  inner  frustration  which is more annoying than disturbing.

The saddest  part of  I  Blame Society is that  the director-actress thinks the killings are  funny. Her first victim is  an  old friend who prefers  another woman(whom  Gillian names ‘Stalin’) over  Gillian.  After failing to convince the  guy to give up the  woman she  kills  him with nuts:  she mixes nuts in his  snack knowing he is  lethally  allergic to it.

It’s  not  just her first  victim whom Gillian drives ‘nuts’(trust me my joke is better than anything in  the film). At the end   the blood-fest will make your stomach churn and your guts heave in protest. It is sad that Gillian Wallace  Horvat feel so negatively  about rejection. I am within my rights to assume that  she is  one  with her character since  Gillian plays Gillian  and  even directs  the  film.

Imagine if every actor/director who is shown the door decides to turn psychotic  because ….umm…. he/she is  bored and  bloodthirsty.I don’t know  about you. But I would  never want  to run into  Gillian. Not because she  is so  dangerous. But she is so damned annoying. Ditto the  film.


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