5 Bollywood Celebrity Inspired Skincare Tips To Get Glowing Skin This Summer

Summer skincare secrets of Bollywood celebrities revealed! Revamp your skincare regime right now.

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5 Bollywood Celebrity Inspired Skincare Tips To Get Glowing Skin This Summer
That annoying summer is back! The time has come when we feel like to take shower more than taking foods. This happens because our skin tend to produce more problems in summer than in any other seasons. Rashes, irritation, redness, oily skin and breakouts are all what we get when the heat increases. But don’t you ever feel, how Bollywood celebrities always look radiant and glowing even when the heat is at the peak? Well! They have their skincare secrets. 

But today, to make your day a little more delightful, we have come up with those celebrity-inspired skincare tips which are all you need in summer to look stunning. So, alter your skincare routine today itself. 

1. Hydrate Inside And Outside
Drink water and use moisturizer are all what we meant in the headline. The more you drink water and healthy liquids, it would reflect on your skin. But that doesn’t mean you stop applying moisturiser. Get your hands on oil-free creams for summers. 

2. Exfoliate After Shower
Shocked? In all these years, you have been doing it wrong? Well! Change the routine now. Exfoliation after a shower makes skin smooth and out of any irrigation creating bacteria. Also, promotes smoothness better. 

3. Embrace Fruits Like Never Before 
Summer is all about tropical fruits and fun. These seasonal fruits are loaded with vitamins, fibre and minerals. These vital ingredients promote firmness and hydration in the skin. 

4. Do Not Step Out After Shaving And Waxing
If you are planning to hit the beach or the pool, do not indulge yourself in shaving or waxing right before the plan. Wait atleast 24 hours to get your skin healed and help pored to get minimized.

5. Sunscreen Is Your Ultimate Saviour
No matter what, applying sunscreen can’t be missed. In fact, even if you are not directly exposed to the sun, your skin receives the harmful UV rays which damage the skin. So, always choose sunscreens with higher SPF to make a shield against rays. 

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