Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 21st, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Anagha Finally Accepts Abhishek, Giving Him A Second Chance!

Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 21st, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Anagha Finally Accepts Abhishek, Giving Him A Second Chance! Anagha reveals to Abhishek that she still loves him when Abhishek proposes to her.

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Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte, September 21st, 2021, Written Updates Of Full Episode: Anagha Finally Accepts Abhishek, Giving Him A Second Chance!
The Deshmukh family is surrounded by the joy of Ganesh Chaturthi, as they welcome Bappa. Anagha also joins them in their celebration, as Aai Appa requests her. Bappa’s Pooja and everything goes amazingly, but this year Sanjana participates in the Pooja trying to take Arundhati’s place. While doing the house chores with Anagha and Arundhati, Gauri asks Anagha a serious question about Abhishek. While answering her question, Anagha reveals that she still loves Abhi, making everyone so happy. Further, while preparing lunch, Kanchan gets into an argument with Sanjana. 

Now, in today’s Aai Kuthe Kaay Karte episode, Appa calms Kanchan down. Yash then tells everyone about their plans for the Ganesh Chaturthi. After that everyone has great conversations, as they start telling each other stories from their past. Aniruddha brings out the topic of Avinash’s friends and Yash listens curiously, as Avinash talks about his friends and what they used to do. As Yash brings out the topic of Avinash’s love for cooking, Appa expresses his guilt for not letting him do what he wanted.  

Changing the topic, Avinash then brings out the topic of Aniruddha’s friend Jacky. As Aniruddha talks about his friend, Avi asks Aniruddha about Jacky’s sister Lalita who had a crush on Aniruddha when they were little. The conversation then takes a funny turn, as Avi teases Aniruddha. Avi then tells everything about Aniruddha and Lalita’s past, making the conversation interesting. Avi teases Aniruddha and everyone supports him in teasing, as Aniruddha gets nervous. As Kanchan asks Avi to invite Lalita over, Aniruddha leaves the house.

On the other hand, Abhishek and Anagha visit Gauri’s house to find the paper plates. They both start searching for the plates and Abhi finds them. But as Anagha asks him, he hides them behind, but Anagha quickly realizes that. Further, Anagha unknowingly holds Abhi’s hands as she tries to grab plates from his hand. As the situation gets awkward, Abhi makes a move and starts expressing everything he feels for Anagha. Expressing his feeling for her, Abhi tells her that she has become a part of him and she can’t be separated from him even though she doesn’t accept him. Expressing his feeling, Abhi asks for one more chance, but as Anagha stands quiet he takes it for a no and leaves her hand. But at that moment, Anagha says something that completely blows his mind. Asking him to hold her hand, Anagha makes Abhi promise that he won’t ever leave her hand again. Giving him another chance, Anagha opens up her feelings to Abhi and asks him not to leave her again. Promising that he won’t ever make her sad, Abhi hugs Anagha and the couple gets lost in each other. 

Meanwhile, Arundhati yells at Yash for asking Abhi and Anagha to bring plates. Asking her to wait outside, Yash goes to see if they’ve found the plates and gets surprised to see Abhi and Anagha hugging each other. Arundhati follows Yash and also gets stunned to see Abhi and Anagha, herself. Further, being his mischievous self, Yash teases the couple. Abhi and Anagha get embarrassed when they see Yash and Arundhati. The couple then acts as if they are searching the plates.  

Further, when Abhi and Anagha try to tell Arundhati what happened, Arundhati asks them to take time and finalize their decision. Anagha then tells her that she’s accepted Abhi and that she’s started dreaming about becoming a part of the Deshmukh family, again. Arundhati then squeezes Abhi’s ears warning him not to repeat the mistake that he made previously. Arundhati then hugs the couple, as Abhi and Anagha finally get back together. 

Yash then suggests that they should hold Abhi and Anagha’s marriage in few days. Arundhati and Yash then leave the couple, while teasing them. Arundhati then thanks Anagha for giving her son another chance. 

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