Dhvani Bhanushali: ‘It’s Not Like My Dad Will Make Some Calls And People Will Start Listening To My Songs’- EXCLUSIVE

Dhvani Bhanushali, who recently released her new single Radha on her birthday on March 22, says that even though sometimes she gets opportunities due to her connection to the industry, it cannot succeed without people connecting to it

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Dhvani Bhanushali: ‘It’s Not Like My Dad Will Make Some Calls And People Will Start Listening To My Songs’- EXCLUSIVE
On March 22, her birthday, Dhvani Bhanushali gave a gift to her fans by releasing her new single “Radha”. The singer created waves when her single “Vaaste” set a record by crossing one billion views on YouTube. Ask her about the pressure that comes with such success and she says, “I know for a fact that every song of mine cannot cross one billion views. But if I keep waiting for that perfect song, I won’t be able to work and do songs that I am actually passionate about,” she says.

Dhvani goes on to add that some songs people will connect to but she doesn’t know which song of hers would achieve such a feat next. “I just hope people appreciate my efforts and my song touches people’s heart, that’s what’s more important to me. Of course, there is pressure as soon as you enter this industry. Every day is a struggle here and you have to do different things to sustain. I just try to be in my bubble, create my own world, stay in it, be happy and do my own work,” she insists.

Dhvani’s father Vinod Bhanushali is a part of the music production company T-Series, and the singer agrees that a lot of people do think she gets opportunities easily and sometimes that is the case. “I won’t deny that opportunities can be created but I feel happy to be born in my family. I feel like I am proving myself with every song and I am confident about that. I am working hard on myself. I won’t deny that I do get opportunities at times, but sometimes I don’t and I have to fetch for it and that comes only from hard work. It’s not like I work on a song and magically it is going to reach people’s heart or my dad will make some calls and people will start listening to it. That’s not how it goes. Every artist has their own journey and no matter where they are born, hard work cannot be replaced. You have to do it yourself for people to believe in you,” she concludes.

Image source: Instagram/dhvanibhanushali22